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  1. At the moment the plans are on hold due to the reorganization of Pioneer VA.
  2. Triggered by the current number of inactive pilots Pioneer Virtual Airlines has decided on a reorganization plan. The current number of active pilots warrants a good look at the current structure of the VA. The most important change is that Pioneer VA will be an AirHauler 2 virtual Airline for FSX pilots. AirHauler 2 will be an integral part of the airline for FSX pilots. Pilots will be able to join and fly for Pioneer VA without AirHauler2 but for the complete experience when flying in FSX AirHauler 2 is advised. For FS9 FSPassenger and AirHauler are advised. This change will influence ranks and promotions. Change in structure of the VA. Pioneer VA will reorganize in divisions with the goal of providing better services to our pilots. The planned divisions are: Mainline: Pioneer Airlines in a classic setting (late 1950's early 1960's). Flightplans for FS9 with Calclassic scenery will be made available first, flightplans for FSX will follow later. Base: Amsterdam Schiphol EHAM. Fleet: Lockheed Super Constellation, Lockheed Constellation, Douglas DC-7C, Douglas DC-6A, Douglas DC-6B, Douglas DC-6, Douglas DC-4, Douglas DC-3, Convair CV-240/340, Convair CV-440, Vickers Viscount, Lockheed Electra III, IL14, IL18, C46. Liveries will be made available for FS9 first and later for FSX. Cargo: Pioneer Airlines in a modern setting flying classic planes. Flightplans for FSX will be made available first, flightplans for FS9 will follow later. Base Fairbanks Alaska PAFA. Fleet: DC6, DC4, DC3, DC-3T, C-46, L188, Lockheed Hercules. Liveries will be made available for FSX first and for FS9 later. Regional: Pioneer Airlines in a modern setting flying regional planes. Flightplans for FSX will be made available first. Base EHBK. Fleet: Islander, Twin Otter, B1900, J41, ATR72-500, Dash 8 Q400. Liveries will be made available for FSX first and for FS9 later. Bush flying: Pioneer Airlines in a modern setting flying bush planes. Flightplans for FSX will be made available first. Base Hoskins AYHK. Fleet: Cessna 185, 206, 337, 208, Bush Hawk XP, An-2, Pzl 104, Beaver, Twin Otter. Liveries will be made available for FSX first and for FS9 later. Furthermore the website and liveries will be redesigned. For the duration of this reorganization the website will remain open and all current flightplans will remain available. PIREPs for continental Antarctic flgihts can be filed under the 9999 flight number. These flights will count towards the Antarctic Pilot award. Kasper Hanselman Owner & CEO Pioneer Virtual Airlines www.pioneerva.nl
  3. jazz

    Schedules to PFPX

    Nice, simple and efficient. I like it, thanks. Now to get all my propliner data into PFPX...
  4. jazz

    Updated phpVMS License

    Hi Nabeel, Great news. This surely simplifies things when (re)developing and updating services and sites. Thank you. Regards, Kasper
  5. Hi Tim, Thank you, I am even trying to simplify further on the next version of the site with schedules in the form of the paper publications of the 1950's. The summer schedule for Antarctica due out on October 1st will be the first schedule offered in this new format. If you are interested in a partnership - I am still looking. If you are interested in joining - that is not a problem either ! Blue skies, Kasper www.pioneerva.nl
  6. jazz

    [SOLVED] Importing Schedules

    Good question. OK mail the file to ceo[at]pioneerva.nl and I will take a look at it.
  7. jazz

    [SOLVED] Importing Schedules

    For starters you miss the distance and the flight time. Second: the copy - paste is still the excel representation of the .csv file. It would really help if you just open that file with a text editor and copy paste from that or just pm the .csv.
  8. jazz

    [SOLVED] Importing Schedules

    Your scedules.csv should consist of lines like: PIO,1,EHAM,EBBR,"NV RR ONW",PH-PID,4000,85,"02:35 UTC","03:35 UTC","1","Cargo flight. Inspired by KLM 1957 freight services","1","C","0123456","1" So, what is inside the actual .csv file, not the excel representation.
  9. jazz

    [SOLVED] Importing Schedules

    Let us see some lines so that we can see what is actually in the .csv file?
  10. With the Antarctic summer flying season starting at the end of September Pioneer VA starts with flying LC-130s to the staging area in Christchurch, New Zealand and Twin Otters and BT67 to Punta Arenas, Chili. Flight plans for both routes will be published daily and the Antarctica continental flight schedule will be published October 1st. Pilots can earn the Antarctic Pilots Award by completing at least 10 continental Antarctic flights. Blue skies, Kasper Hanselman CEO www.pioneerva.nl
  11. Pioneer VA only flies propliners but I want to give the pilots, including myself, the opportunity to fly jets in a virtual airline setting as well. For this reason I am looking for a Virtual Airline that flies jets and is willing to code share some flights with Pioneer VA. If you are the owner of a VA and are interested please contact me via PM or mail me at ceo[at]pioneerva.nl. Blue skies, Kasper www.pioneerva.nl
  12. Pioneer Virtual Airlines was established in 2013 out of love for propliners. Pioneer Virtual Airlines flies piston-engined and turboprop transport aircraft in FS9 and FSX/P3D on routes spanning the globe. We do so as professional as possible in flight simulation but in a relaxed setting. We are in it for the fun of flying! Pioneer Virtual Airlines provides passenger and cargo services all over the world. We do not use the hub and spoke model typically in use by modern airlines but we fly according to the point-to-point model used in an earlier era. To complement the passenger and cargo services Pioneer also provides special services such as Fire Suppression, Medical Evacuation and Search and Rescue. Because of the nature of the airline the fleet is a mix between General Aviation aircraft, turboprop-engined transports and piston-engined propliners. In our first recruitement drive we are looking for 10 to 20 pilots with a passion for propliners. Our goal is not to grow fast but to grow when we are ready. You can find us at: www.pioneerva.nl Blue skies, Kasper Hanselman
  13. jazz

    Which livery?

    Ok, thanks guys. I think we agree on livery number1 with airline name.
  14. jazz

    Which livery?

    @Jordan ==> refresh. You are seeing a result from your cache.
  15. jazz

    Which livery?

    Image of the first livery with airline name