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  1. Here is the website: http://libertyairva.com/ Let me know if your still interested
  2. Due to the financial issue, our website is currently deactivated, however, I can have it reactivated for one more month.
  3. we currently have about 10 active pilots but the name is very well known around the community
  4. A new virtual airline is up for sale. Liberty Air VA was opened in August 2014 by three friends. We have kept it going for almost a year but due to school and financial issues, we can no longer run the VA. The virtual airline comes with the following: SmartCars 2.0 Flight Unlimited partnership (including TeamSpeak 3 access) Fully operational website hosted by TFDI Designs Multiple repaints for the PMDG 737 series and the PMDG 777 series 700+ routes Website: http://libertyairva.com If you are interested, please message me or send me an email at matthewbgarcia@yahoo.com **Posted on multiple sites**
  5. So for the late response. Thank you very much for the routes!
  6. Im mot sure if this is in the right forum so delete if needed. Is there a way to show who is logged into our TeamSpeak3 server on our website? I've seen a few VA's that have this and was wondering if it is some kind of code or program.
  7. I know why but I asked what do they pay as in how much per rank.
  8. What do most VA's pay pilots per rank?
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