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  1. Hi, I'm looking for somebody who could be create & design in new project of our website. Regards, Vahid
  2. +1 Exactly It is very troubling for me because the it is not clear when the pilots going to an alternate airport or destination ! in other hands, is it possible show pilots flying on the map? NOT just route !
  3. Hi everybody, We're planning move to phpvms system from Fsairlines and I've install phpvms and some module but unfortunately, we have bad problem with this system. Our problem is the ACARS system can't be detect identify the origin or destination airport For example: If I'm going to fly OIII to OIMM but I choose OIMM for departure and after a few minutes landing again to this airport (OIMM ) ACARS system can't be detect wrong airport. " After send report, Pilot and Aircraft transfer to Destination ( OIMM ) " I used alot of free acars like: Kacars FSacars APVacars Cacars and ...
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