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  1. Thank you everyone to discuss and share your idea to answer my question. Yes, you are right; this is the Alpha version, and I know it will grow up in the future. Thank you, my friend, you are always supporting us, and I'm appreciated it. Based on your statement and explanation, I've been chosen to use vmsAcars at this time. Thank you Nabell, I'm working on writing modules and customize some point for our VA. Thank you, Simssmith. I "strongly" agree with you, and my choice was the same.
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. 😊
  3. First of all, thank you for your kind word I mean, in general. Are you totally satisfied? I agree with you, and I know no software will be complete robust & without problems from the first day. Regards, Vahid NZ
  4. Dear all, Please assist me in making a decision: Please tell me your experience and feedback of using one of the ACARS (smartACARS or vmsACARS ) who used these two tools? What are the disadvantages and advantages? Have you ever any problem with FS2020? Regards, Vahid NZ
  5. I really love the phpVMS 7 and since it's under Laravel and I'm doing some project in this framework and, maybe I can help to improve it, so I prefer to stay with it. Have you ever any experience with vmsACARS? Regards, Vahid NZ
  6. I've the same issue and I've raised it in the Github
  7. Thank you for your quick answer, so maybe I should look for an alternative. 😉
  8. Hello everyone, I'm not sure this is the right place or not, but I was wondering if there is any way to use smartCARS with phpVMS 7, or is there any plane in the future? Thanks in advance Regards, Vahid.N
  9. Hi, I'm looking for somebody who could be create & design in new project of our website. Regards, Vahid
  10. +1 Exactly It is very troubling for me because the it is not clear when the pilots going to an alternate airport or destination ! in other hands, is it possible show pilots flying on the map? NOT just route !
  11. Hi everybody, We're planning move to phpvms system from Fsairlines and I've install phpvms and some module but unfortunately, we have bad problem with this system. Our problem is the ACARS system can't be detect identify the origin or destination airport For example: If I'm going to fly OIII to OIMM but I choose OIMM for departure and after a few minutes landing again to this airport (OIMM ) ACARS system can't be detect wrong airport. " After send report, Pilot and Aircraft transfer to Destination ( OIMM ) " I used alot of free acars like: Kacars FSacars APVacars Cacars and ...
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