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  1. Hello I'm in doubt dispesas, and is leaving the VA very negative, is correct these values? Name Price Type Options Corporation Tax 22% Percent (month) Edit Delete Office rental 10% Percent (month) Edit Delete Staffing costs 208.3% Percent (month) Edit Delete All other costs 7.1% Percent (month) Edit Delete Supplies 500% Percent (month) Edit Delete A/C Maintenance 25% Percent (month) Edit Delete Catering $205 Per Flight Edit Delete Parking/Gate fees $250 Per Flight Edit Delete Landing fees $350 Per Flight Edit Delete Handling fees $475 Per Flight Edit Delete Insurance $46 Per Flight Edit Delete Depreciation & amortisati 7% Percent (per flight) Edit Delete Station expenses 10.8% Percent (month) Edit Delete Passenger Services 10.5% Percent (month) Edit Delete Administration 12.2% Percent (month) Edit Delete Maintenance 10.1% Percent (per flight) Edit Delete Airport Charges 4.1% Percent (month) Edit Delete Enroute facility charges 2.4% Percent (per flight) Edit Delete Fixed costs 4% Percent (month) Edit Delete ECO Tax 0.75% Percent (per flight) Edit Delete Promotion and sales 16.4% Percent (month)
  2. Hello! I'm opening the "Schedule Details" and he is not displaying the route on the map correctly, does anyone know how to fix this?
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