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  1. Hi ProAvia MySQL Version10.3.28-MariaDB-cll-lve what i got off my cpanel hosts updated mysql so we could use Moodle for our Academy Services this happened recently never heard of MariaDB until phpvms7 soo i dont know much about it its paid Hosting By HostPresto been with them for a few years now Michael
  2. Hello Guys Ive a big problem here i cant add schedules to my site if i do i get 2 errors one is There was an error adding the schedule, already exists DB error: Field 'route_details' doesn't have a default value << fixing that by adding NULL to the schedules database will result with this one >> There was an error adding the schedule, already exists DB error: Incorrect double value: '' for column luxuryai_phpvms.phpvms_schedules.payforflight at row 1 i also have the Aircraft market Mod on my site Can No Longer add Aircraft have tried adding the Airbus A220-300 to the Airbus Market 3 times the site said Aircraft added but when i checked it was a no show also we can book a flight and fly it with Smartcars but when we land and go to file the pirep guess what it fails to send or doesn't show up in admin for us to accept please help me here am at a dead end and i need this fixed asap if you need to ive attached pictures below Phpvms Version simpilot/php7.2 Theme is : Stislaskin if you require an admin account on the site please pm me asap regards Michael
  3. Hello Guys is there anyway i can add the aircraft Registrations to the Booking Page and in the dropdown aircraft list as we have more than one of the same aircraft but each aircraft is assigned to a diffrent schedule anyone who has this theme will surely see what am on about regards michael
  4. Hi carlos


    am just wondering if theres anyway to add the registeration of teh aircraft to your skins booking form as we have multi 737-800s etc  with diffresnt schedules   


    but we dont know what aircraft has what schedule on teh booking form     we have to go into the admin side to see what flight number is related to each aircraft 


    if u wish i can send you screenshots of what i mean

  5. hello all ive just uploaded the admin skin by @web541 from his github here >> https://libraries.io/github/web541/phpVMS-Admin-Panel-Skin ive the php version it works perfectly just a small but serious problem the pilots list and schedules list is missing ( see image ) really nice theme and would like to use it anyway i can get this fixed quickly i have backed up the original files from the admin page just incase things went pear shaped ive went back to the default admin page until this is fixed as i need the pilots and schecdule lists regards Michael
  6. the module on my site says theres a critical update with a yellow box 😕
  7. Hi carlos is there anyway to edit the links on the top right of the pilot centre ive added the leave of absence module to my site but cant find a way to edit the links regards michael
  8. is there any way to search the schedules by Aircraft Registration as we have 9 A320s atm and every schedule brings up the A320-200 not the assigned aircraft for that route in the schedule
  9. Hi guys I know phpvms 7 is still under development but something has been bugging me for a while now. When the time comes to port over to the new vms7 how are we going to import all of our aircraft schedules and pilots etc. I mean right now Luxury has over 800 schedules and around 75 aircraft etc il be there to christmas 2022 importing them over lol. That is without a database import or something like that. There's got to be something that can be done. The thing on the phpvms7 installer didn't work for me soo
  10. it wasn't working when I posted it lol I worked on it after that
  11. didn't work still ended up with a dead site http://www.testsite.luxuryairways.co.uk/ HTTP 500 error That’s odd... the website can’t display this page
  12. what files did you change because now am getting the error
  13. how can I get from beta 3 to beta 4
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