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  1. We are a virtual Airline with no reference to an existing company. Any matches are purely random. Our goal is to simulate as realistic as possible the operation and process of an airline. We use a pilot software (Kacars )that sends all relevant data live to our flight dispatch center. We Are currently Recruiting Pilots and Staff Members if you would like to become part of the staff team you can click here >> http://www.luxuryairways.co.uk/index.php/vacancies With modern aircrafts of the type Airbus A318 -> A380, a wide Range of Boeing Aircraft from the 737-300 to the 787 Dreamliner and Concorde. we start from our main hubs Belfast EGAA, Manchester EGCC and Gatwick EGKK to numerous destinations in Europe The USA and The Middle East. Our home base is the Belfast International Airport Based In Northern Ireland our second Base Is Manchester Airport In England. Some highlights of our Flight Dispatch and Ops Center, •bookable flights, depending on pilot location •aircraft maintenance simulation •rank system depending on flights •live flight traffic with ACARS (Kacars) •economic cost/expense simulation •and much more We also offer a lot of opportunities for enthusiasts that like to support us and be part of the management. Come join us and send us your application today! Our Recruitment Ages from 14+ you can find us at http://www.luxuryairways.co.uk | Luxury Airways
  2. hello all Luxury Airways Virtual is currently hiring pilots and staff. We are a friendly group of aviation enthusiasts in the UK and we invite and encourage all types of people from all corners of the world to join our family of pilots & staff here at Luxury Airways Virtual. Our mission is to deliver the best experience a virtual airline can deliver to the growing community of aviation enthusiasts we also have ATC sessions going on every sunday night with our partnered ATC Community over at ukatc.com FSINN is required along with Teamspeak3. We aim to be one of the most realistic virtual airlines in the world while simultaneously delivering a fun virtual airline experience for you. Some of the aircraft we operate include the A320-200, A330-200, B737-800, B777-200LR, B787-8&9, and the new A220-200,these are only some of the aircraft we fly as we have a whole fleet you can few them all on the website. We fly to locations in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, of course there is much more to discover at Luxury Airways so sign up today at www.luxuryairways.co.uk Community feedback is also appreciated.
  3. LuxuryCEO

    vaCentral status and updates

    i am also curious about this
  4. LuxuryCEO

    Disabling manual PIREPS

    how would you fine them??? ive a pilot from greece thats done it twice in one day need to stop the issue
  5. LuxuryCEO

    Admin Notes

    am looking for this aswell would be awsome as theres alot to do on my site and would be good to keep track of things
  6. LuxuryCEO

    Schedule CSV Export Problem

    pmed you with ftp details
  7. LuxuryCEO

    Schedule CSV Export Problem

    anyone else wana try and help with his problem
  8. LuxuryCEO

    Schedule CSV Export Problem

    it has said alot about a timezone though its still the same
  9. LuxuryCEO

    Schedule CSV Export Problem

    new error log just made diffrent errors thanks again Michael errors.txt
  10. LuxuryCEO

    Schedule CSV Export Problem

    there you go both files as requested see what you can find on there log.txt errors.txt
  11. LuxuryCEO

    Schedule CSV Export Problem

    ok which one do i look for theres 8 logs in there
  12. LuxuryCEO

    Schedule CSV Export Problem

    error login first ive heard of that how or where do i find it
  13. LuxuryCEO

    Schedule CSV Export Problem

  14. LuxuryCEO

    kACARS Problem [SOLVED]

    am now having the exact same problem dunno what to do ive tryed everything i can think of reinstalled the module made sure the program ran on admin rights on my OS but no cigar nothing works can anyone help
  15. LuxuryCEO

    kACARS Error

    what did you do to get it working am having the same problem one of my pilots told me about it ive tryed everything reinstalling the module making sure the program is running under admin rights am at a loss please help