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  1. Amazing Skin! Is there a way to get Recent PIREPS and Newest Pilots on the right where the Latest Newsfeed is? Thanks!
  2. Cookies are enabled, Firefox 3.6.something.....
  3. Hey, I've used phpVMS in the past and only had this problem once, but after I finish installing, I set my user etc. Then I go to the main site to login and I can login fine, but when I click on Admin Center it says "Error! Please Login First" So i click back, then refresh, then logout, then refresh, then log back in and well.....still cant get into my admin panel... I can get in if i enter my URL on pagewash, but i would prefer that I do not have to use pagewash as my browser now Anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it? Thanks in advance!
  4. I remember there use to be a really nice video somewhere on this site where it showed you everything you needed to do to skin. Now there are only a few pointers that I can find in various places but no visuals. I checked the four topics made to "help" skin but im still stuck with a template and nothing else to do with it. Does anyone have any other kind of tutorial, video or pdf or something? I think it would help out a lot of people like me who need a refresher on the whole process. Heres the template I just finished.... I have changed the banner image now, and i also had to kill the quality to attach it I'm just doing this for fun/practice.
  5. Legend Air Announcing 3,700+ Routes! New Ranking system coming soon! www.legend-virtual.org!

  6. What browser are you using? I did it on the dev site with firefox and it worked fine for me. I couldnt get it before on the normal site.
  7. Hello, I am pleased to announce the launch of LEG, Legend Air Virtual. We have opened our doors to pilot applications and staff applications and are continuing work on our website. Some more information on the airline: Crew Bases KBOS KDEN CYVR TBPB Fleet includes: Dash-8 Q400, ATR-72-500, CRJ-200, CRJ-700, ERJ-145, MD-80, B737-800, B737-900, A319, A320, 757-200, 767-400, 777-200, 747-400, 747-8i, A340-600, MD-11, and will soon include the A380 and the 787-8. Cargo Fleet may be added soon also! Legend Air Currently has 3,500+ Routes covering the United States, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Honolulu Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Jamaica, Barbados, Caribbean Islands, San Juan, Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. Come Join today, and live the life, of a legend. Legend Air Virtual. Visit us at www.legend-virtual.co.cc soon to be www.legend-virtual.org!
  8. Ok Cool thanks, and um by just looking at our map can you tell if we are on the wrong one?
  9. Hey, My Live Map wont show anything from XACARS or FSACARS, I do know that we installed the version 2.0.845 but my webmaster says we installed the update too. Im not sure if we have though, where can I check this? And what do I need to do to get my live map working? Website is www.legend-virtual.co.cc
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