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  1. Has anyone here found a way to fix this? Thanks NYC74
  2. Hi Vibez, I have a team of professionals working together building virtual airlines We can help you build your site and create your custom matching airplane textures There will be consistency between the aircraft design and the website Contact me and let me us help you take care Jack
  3. Hi James, I hope this email finds you well While checking the forums I noticed the request for livery repaints Please let me know what you envision as the new repaint? (colors, logo placement, design) The DH8 & The Embraer: are these aircrafts Defaults or Payware? I look forward to your email and working on a design for your VA Take care, NYC74
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one... right now we had to create closed to 8000 routes due to the Route & Registration setup on PHPvms... I hope someone comes up an addon to fix this.
  5. Hi All, Parkho... I sent you a message I hope you received it Since we have many aircrafts and routes - while searching the booking all routes appear and while making the schedules it requires a registration I'm wondering if there is a chance to rework the system Back End Create Schedules and assign aircrafts by type NOT REGISTRATION The Booking System Show Current Pilot Location Select airport to fly from / to -- (NEXT) Select aircraft -- available at "from Airport" and only show what is available by pilot ranks (NEXT) Select Available routes Book the flight and the aircraft is unavailable until flight has ended ----//---- Our Current situation is each route requires a registration and we have about 10 aircrafts per type which then requires a route per aircraft which then gives us about 8,0000 schedules -- Please help!!!!
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