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  1. Just reporting that I have also solved the issue, and did so by following the steps listed here:
  2. Can you kindly share how you solved the issue? I am experiencing the exact same thing after upgrading to recaptcha v2.
  3. Makyoch

    Index.php/login Not Found

    I'm still having the same issue... It was the same prior to reinstalling as well. Where should it be? All of the files in core/templates, and in the lib/skins/crystal folders seem to be where they need to be, the same as what comes straight from the phpVMS .zip.
  4. Makyoch

    Index.php/login Not Found

    Hi, I've just recently reinstalled phpVMS on my site. The reinstallation was smooth, but I am unable to do anything with phpVMS as following any of the links on the navbar, or using the login form, just brings me a 404 error (like so, http://vkenya.or.ke/index.php/login). I'm at a total loss why this is happening... If anyone has any advice, I'm listening. Cheers, Makyoch.