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  1. Thanks for pointing out actually looking at the acars map file instead of just the acars.js file. I fixed it by removing the url portion of the script; iconUrl: url + "/lib/images/inair/" + heading + ".png", to iconUrl: "/lib/images/inair/" + heading + ".png", And it works great!
  2. Completed the .htaccess/url rewrite actions tonight on my website but am running into an issue with making the icons re-appear on various pages. I did figure out the view pirep page fix by changing var url = window.location.href.split("index.php")[0]; to var url = window.location.href.split("pireps")[0]; inside of the phpvms.js file but can not quite figure out how to fix the live map in air icons with the following code written in the acarsmap.js const getHeadingIcon = (heading) => { if (!(heading in headingIcons)) { headingIcons[heading] = L.icon({ iconUrl: url + "/lib/images/inair/" + heading + ".png", iconSize: [35, 35] }); } return headingIcons[heading]; }; Any help would be much appreciated! Version: 5.5.2 (Simpilot's) php Version: 5.4 MySQL Thank you!
  3. FIXED! The EventsData.class.php needed the added ".TABLE_PREFIX." added before each of the db calls. Utilize all other fixes in this thread and then also add the change and you should be golden. Too much coding, not enough coffee. Hopefully this helps others!
  4. Well, fixed all errors. I had been using the old EventsData class file, uploaded the new one, changed all of the "public function" to "public static function" values, and it all shows correctly! Now the only thing left is figuring out why it somehow is not connected to the database anymore. Admin module won't push anything to the database after this change and even though there is something in the database from before I fixed the first reported error, it does not show on the website. The search continues lol.
  5. Sorry to revive an old thread but I am experiencing the same issues as above and was wondering if there was any fix? I change the "public function" to public static function after getting; Strict Standards: Non-static method EventsData::get_upcoming_events_dates() should not be called statically in But then get the following error: Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in Using SimPilot's 5.5.2, php version 5.4.
  6. Hey Dale, ProAvia is one of the most helpful individuals on this forum and definitely goes way above and beyond to help whenever he can. He is not saying that you are irrelevant and avoiding any assistance to you, he is simply stating that without a paid domain and solid paid host, options are very limited on what you are able to do. Free hosts do not give you nearly half of what is required to successfully run phpVMS and without your own domain name, like ProAvia stated, you are limited to using a local option or trying to force things to "play nicely" with a free domain. I would be willing to bet that once you get the paid hosting and secure your domain name that you would have this working 100% or at least have a better idea of where to start troubleshooting.
  7. Stay safe and hope you get feeling better very soon!
  8. Very nice! Looking forward to it.
  9. Any update? This is looking amazing!
  10. Awesome, I like the idea. So leave the previous changes as well or revert to original files and then implement this new idea? Thanks!
  11. Ahh, very true and good point. So for an example, yesterday I flew twice with the old schedules and uploaded those flights via SmartCARS to the website. Got them accepted, and they were all fine and dandy. Today I deleted all old schedules when I did the new import and just checked the PIREPs from the old schedules are still locked in to my account and the airline stats even though if you went to search those id's they'd technically be gone and no longer matched in the database as you pointed out. Is there something larger that could potentially go wrong that you are foreseeing that I am missing? It appeared as if the data held enough to keep the profiles and stats populated correctly. Thank you both for all of your help. I appreciate the time given!
  12. Well, that worked perfectly for adding routes in the admin center. Now I am running into the issue with importing through .csv. Any ideas on that? It goes through and adds everything which should be a little over 6,000 total flights, I go back to the main screen and it only shows a little over 3,000 and none of the duplicate numbers are added. 🤨 Any ideas?
  13. Perfect, thank you very much! ^ Thanks! I'd done this in the past which definitely works, too. I'm working on a project that is based off of a real world US based airline and feel as though the A, B,C, etc takes away from some of the realism!
  14. Hello, I know I have found it in here before but I've spent about an hour searching various things to see if I could find the thread again with no luck. How do I set my settings to accept multiple flights with the same number? Basically when I upload the .csv for schedules and have 2-4 flights with the same number, how do I ensure they all get added instead of the second one overwriting the first and leaving only one in the system. For example: Flight #45 flies BOS-JFK and then returns JFK-BOS as #45 as well. After uploading the .csv file and by searching #45, I can only get JFK-BOS as that has updated over the BOS-JFK route. Thank you!
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