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  1. I am using the latest phpVMS and line 123 has the code I copied from above.
  2. @web541 After trying that I get this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'public' (T_PUBLIC) in /home/techattax/public_html/airline/core/modules/Pilots/Pilots.php on line 123
  3. Does anybody know how to replace the default charts with these ones I found on the internet called Charts.js and can be downloaded here.
  4. Hello, My name is Gregor Christie and I run a small VA for my online brand (TechAttax100). Up until now I have been running my VA on free skins and have finally decided to look for a skin. My idea for the skin is for it to be ran on bootstrap and to look kind of like this for the home page although a bit more populated and if possible this for the pilot center this. I am on a rather tight budget so I would appreciate if your options where not that expensive (or even free haha...). Here is a link to the site so far - airline.techattax.uk The links I added to other VA's air just IDEAS I do not want to copy them, I just like their design.
  5. If you are not already a member of TechAttax Virtual, Join today at: airline.techattax.uk On Monday December 28th TechAttax Virtual will be hosting our first ever event. Info - Where: Graz, Austria and Zürich, Switzerland. When: December 28th 2015 from 1200z - 1700z How to take part: On the day of the event the schedule for these flights will be published on the TechAttax Virual website, you should book these schedules (LOWG-LSZH-LOWG). To officially take part in the event and receive the award after it you must be a member of TechAttax Virtual and track your flight using our acars (manual PIREPS will not receive the reward). If you are not a member of TAV you can still take part as you wish. Unfortunately as we are a very small VA we cannot gurantee that we will be fully staffed or VATSIM and or IVAO. If you are not already a member of TAV we strongly recommend that you create an account by going here . If you are taking part in the event you do not have to but if you could let us know by commenting bellow.
  6. Getting this error http://puu.sh/jJlly/8f66b41987.png
  7. Fixed it by getting rid of vacentral and getting a faster hosting provider
  8. What i recently did was change domain name. Has that broke it?
  9. I am now getting this error on the launch of cACARS. When I click ok send me to change settings When I press save settings it wont launch. I have tried re installing
  10. Hey guys! First of all I want to say the reason it is called TechAttax Virtual (TAV) is because that is the name of my youtube/twitch channel. Here is a link: http://airline.techattax.uk/ We have hubs all over the world and expanding with new hubs all the time. Our flagship route is EGPH (Edinburgh) to EGLL (Heathrow) Our fleet of aircraft is ever-growing and has a variety of aircraft of all shapes and sizes from Boeings 747 to airbus' a318. Our network is expanding to meet the needs of our virtual pilots. We hope you consider joining!
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