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  1. Please remove the Post thanks
  2. Gents have been looking for flight departures board post can anyone have an idea about it plz post the link here i already searched the forum could not succeeded it was long ago someone posted a full package flight departures board on front page something like that. Appreciate your help. Khan
  3. i think so you must share a link for more interest of your demo template sorry for posting a link without your permission LINK REMOVED AS SHARED BY POST OWNER Best of luck for this project Regards Khan
  4. Maybe i have not defined properly i mean to say is i wanted to get rid of duplicate PIREPS coming from pilot when ever our pilot does a flight with Kacars and submit it we receive 7 copies of the same PIREP at a time that what i mean how i can resolve this issue?
  5. hey gents can some one please guide me through duplicate pireps problem i am receiving duplicate pireps from pilots who so ever is using kacars currently it was so much of headache to check all duplicate pireps what is causing this issue please reply.
  6. Hey Sorry I got it man i do not have jquery.table.js file on the right folder it was working like a charm now thanks Mark
  7. Mark Checked your Code Also but same result page is looking like static no result at all you can View it here CODE REMOVED No result with #th also it was not working on any page......
  8. Thanks Mark for your reply---- really appreciate it if you wont mind can you please help me in this also Pagination Problem
  9. OH NO Nabeel there is no way to do it? because i was looking for samething for my VA as i have 200 pilots and it was very difficult for me to Add them All manually.
  10. Hi guys i also implemented the pagination code on my website but no result after adding it My fleet list was showing All aircraft s in it instead of 5 aircraft s per page. I have done ever thing explained by in this Post but no result can anyone please help.....i have placed JS file in lib/js Folder and also inserted script in my layout.tpl file as i am using Brilliance Skin..... also Inserted Code to show Pagination at bottom of fleet table but still No result where i was wrong.? In Firefox Error Console its saying CODE REMOVED/code] there should be problem here [code]CODE REMOVED
  11. James as considering your request i have changed my website layout you can go and check also removed your teamspeak server codes and again very sorry......
  12. James i know how was you feeling so sorry brother i tried many things to change that menu and to change the Nav bar but at the end i failed to do so have many errors couldn't working for me james if you wanted me to remove it just tell me to remove it or if you can help me to make another one for my website i can also do one thing here james if you guide me through can i take ObessBlue skin Side bar menu is that will work with this template or not or if you want i can put copyright@ James anything for you but dont feel bad please for me it was not done intentionally SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY
  13. Mark i already apologized here so please don't say that i am a learner i asked for help first i have tried many times with navigation bar but it was not working so i saw james website have one working nav panel so i copied the code from internet explorer to my website but i know it was wrong if am feeling guilty why should i post a screen shot of my website to be caught by myself WOW a thief rob a bank and day after robing place a banner on a robing bank wall that i have robed a bank you mean to say that.think first and speak i was a reputed man here i have never done these things so i am apol
  14. yes james i have taken the whole idea from your site but if you want me to change all the files i am ready to do it as you have the same template so i visited your website and taken the code from there for my website i am REALLY SORRY if i Hurt you in this case i have tried many drop down menus but couldn't succeeded i am very very sorry i apologies here for all my action.i have not done it intentionally to copy paste material from your website i hope you understand. So SORRY AGAIN Mate.
  15. Hey Mark can you help me or not please reply atleast if no than no problem at all if you can just give me some idea how to do it i will try.....] can someone help in this case please.........
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