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  1. Good idea But I know few about github too. I will try
  2. Yes I found resources/lang, just a little. So looking forward to your next version. Thank you!
  3. Firstly, thanks Nabeel for making an awesome new phpvms. I am a Chinese , when I setup phpvms7 successfully, next work is to translate. is there an independent language.php ? Actually I know few about php knowledge. So anyone can help me to find all the lang.php? Thanks!
  4. Hi Nabeel when I install phpvms 7.0 on my NAS it shows the error below Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'mysqli' not found in /volume1/web/phpvms70/core/classes/ezdb/ezdb_mysqli.class.php:97 Stack trace: #0 /volume1/web/phpvms70/core/classes/ezdb/ezdb.class.php(193): ezDB_mysqli->connect('root', '*******', 'localhost') #1 /volume1/web/phpvms70/install/Installer.class.php(130): DB::connect('root', '******', 'phpvms', 'localhost') #2 /volume1/web/phpvms70/install/install.php(57): Installer::AddTables() #3 {main} thrown in /volume1/web/phpvms70/core/classes/ezdb/ezdb_mysqli.class.php on line 97 So how to fix it. I know little about php
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