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  1. Hello everyone ! I've a little problem. I installed this module but now when I want to edit my schedules, there's an error : " There was an error editing the schedule: Unknown column 'week1' in 'field list' ". That comes from your module because before I didn't have any problem. Can you help me, please? Thank you ! Thomas
  2. Can you help me because I don't understand very well your instructions. Regards,
  3. Hello, I've the same problem as Mr.Bean and I don't understand why it doesn't works great. Can you tell me how to do? Regards, Thomas
  4. Hello Vansers, Can you give me the link to download your skin "Crystal Skin"? Thank you! Thomas
  5. Hello ! We have some problems with the data base. In fact, when one of our aircrafts have to go to the maintenance : we don't tick "Enabled" in the aircraft page. But, the aircraft is still enabled in the flight repport page so that pilots can choose it. We would like the aircraft not to be in the list in flight repports. If someone has a solution, It would be good! Thank you very much! Best regards, Thomas
  6. Can someone give me a clear instruction with a code? Thank you!
  7. Hello every one! Can someone help me? In fact, I would like to have a pilot list without hubs. Can someone give a php code for pilot.php in modules? to order my pilots in a single list. I hope you could help me! Thomas
  8. Hello everyone! I wanted to know if someone can give me a php code for the contact us. In fact I would like my pilots to choose a recipient and the mail will be send at this recipient. For example, the differents recipients are "thomas" : thomas@phpvms.com ;"peter" : peter@phpvms.com ;"mike" mike@phpvms.com . If the the pilot choose "mike" the message would be send at mike@phpvms.com. Thank you for your help!
  9. Hello, We have checked all our configuration files but we haven't found any errors. Can someone explain how to solve this problem? Thank you for your help! Thomas
  10. Hello everyone! I'd like to know what code I need to let my pilots choose their aircraft in the schedule briefing because the calculation of fuel depends on the aircraft. I've tried that but it's not good! <dd> <select name="aircraft" id="aircraft"> <option value="">Si l'appareil avec lequel vous avez volé n'est pas dans la liste cliquez sur AUTRE.</option> <?php foreach($allaircraft as $aircraft) { $sel = ($_POST['aircraft'] == $aircraft->name || $bid->registration == $aircraft->registration)?'selected':''; echo '<option value="'.$aircraft->id.'" '.$sel.'>'.$aircraft->name.' - '.$aircraft->registration.'</option>'; } ?> </select> </dd> Thank you for your help!
  11. Yes I know that but I was wondering how to edit the text (change words) on the signature. Thank you!
  12. Hello everybody! I just want to know how to change the text which is on the signature. Thank you for your help!
  13. I'm afraid I've already done that! All ranks are configured with a price. I can't find the problem. Does someone know what's the problem? Thank you!
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