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  1. Hey thanks, been working on some others as well.
  2. Number one question for sure, how can I upgrade everything I have now to to the new version? Since I already have a install is there a post somewhere on this? Also also here are the results from the suggestions above. Does not look like it has anything to do with the hub info though? ===== Time: 07.29.16 10:53:40 ===== Time: 07.29.16 10:53:40 Backtrace: DB::write_debug > DB::query > PilotData::updateProfile > Auth::ProcessLogin > Login->ProcessLogin > Login->login > Login->index > call_user_func_array > MainController::RunAllActions Query: UPDATE phpvm
  3. I'm using like 2.1.936 is there a newer version of phpvms that I'm missing?
  4. Ah, I'm super new to php and stuff, so for this I would assume I would need to call the function with like a else statement before all this code above? Also yes I'm working on the acarsmap.tpl file. How would you or anyone recommend coming up with this code to pull the data to be presented into this area?
  5. Hello!! So im working on trying to spruce up the information for my acars map, this is the code im trying to get to work its just showing nothing, so its outputting blank info. Any idea on why it would return nothing, maybe I'm not calling the right info from the acars? Or something like that? <td><!--<div id="something"><span class="badge badge-theme"><%=flight.phasedetail%></span></div>--> <?php if($flight->phasedetail=="Boarding") { echo '<div id="boarding"><span class="badge badge-theme">Boarding</span></div>
  6. Yes, im sure im running whatever old version in on the main phpvms github, but yes its the .tpl files. Did the above and still run into the same thing... But upon doing this and then going to see if it put anything into the database it looks as though its not even putting what I enter from the admin panel into the database?
  7. Does this still exist somewhere?
  8. Do you know if its the most recent version of font-awesome? I would try and call the cdn for font-awesome. Also post the entire front page code you are working with maybe some else is causing it. You can either go here and download the new version or submit your email and they will give you a link for the cdn for font-awesome. http://fontawesome.io/get-started/
  9. Is there a new version of PHPVMS that I am missing? I got it from the github from like 2014 it looks like? From the phpvms github that is?
  10. Are you sure you have font-awesome included in the header? Almost looks like the style-sheet for those are now include maybe or its a outdated version? <i class="fa fa-facebook-square" aria-hidden="true"></i> <i class="fa fa-twitter fa-lg"></i> <i class="fa fa-youtube fa-lg"></i> For example, those social media icons are missing too. And that verbiage is from font-awesome.
  11. I used both on the backend of phpvms and in the database is set to 1 and the int value set to 1 for the hub manager, but it does not show anything, also I tried to change the type from int to text and changed the text to KVT0001 and then edited it in phpvms but still shows a blank? Could it have something to do with the phpversion??
  12. See if you can post the code for that area? Maybe I can help and take a look at it.
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