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  1. The time zone for both server and php is UTC. For example, I fly from KORD to KDEN and submit the PIREP, my pilot location and fleet location should be both updated to KDEN. However, if the arrival time in PIREP is ahead of the real time, like I made the flight on 10/30, but in PIREP it's 10/31, somehow the server won't recognize and update pilot's location correctly.
  2. I am currently having a time zone issue with smartCARS 2.0. It reports the wrong time and date to phpVMS, and it leads to the wrong pilot's location. I am just curious that does anyone else have this issue as well? Also, is there any other options that I can choose to replace the smartCARS?
  3. Don't know why, but looks like this modification will only show me an empty dropdown menu. If I revert the code back to original one, it will work, but instead shows me all my fleets.
  4. Looks like simbrief cannot get my fleet information correctly, so it cannot generate anything for me due to "parameters missing"
  5. PHPVMS + Stisla skin. PHP 7.2.24 MySQL 5.7.XX Installed mods: Weather Map (Code Snippets by MrDalle) Fltbook v2 (by web541) TouchdownStats (by simpilot) Event Booking (by simpilot) Pilot Career (by servetas) TopPilots (by simpilot) Extended Fleet (by magicflyer Airports (by stuartpb) Simbrief for phpVMS (by Vangelis) Airmail 3 (by simpilot) LiveMap (by Carlos Eduardo) Weather (by Carlos Eduardo) Book Flight by Map (by Carlos Eduardo) Cannot see any real-time flight on Live Map; cannot bid schedule via smartCARS; PIREP can be filled without error, but cannot be seen in pending PIREP after filed. I am not sure if they are connected, tho. Thank you so much in advance for any help!
  6. Hi guys, I am having problem seeing flight on Live Map. I am using smartCARS and it is connected to my server without any problem...
  7. Uh thank you so much! You saved my life, or at least, half... I am still having problem with adding route. Kept getting error like: There was an error adding the schedule, already exists DB error: Data truncated for column 'price' at row 1
  8. Uh I see. You were checking the v1, but I am using v2 now.
  9. I see. But why that mod has that file modified? And also, I just realized that I cannot either add any route either...
  10. Hi guys, I was trying to add Fltbook V2 to my Phpvms and import fltbook.sql file to database. However, I realized that after I install it, I cannot add aircraft via admin panel anymore. To be more specific, it is caused by /core/comman/PIREPData.class.php. Looks like this mod changed this file and add one line: FltbookData::updateAircraftLocation($pirep_details->aircraftid, $pirep_details->arricao); If I removed it, everything is OK then. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks a lot.
  11. Could you please help me with re-design the crewcenter? Thank you so much!
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