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  1. Hi folks, I have been into the phpvms docs and tried to download the latest stable version but when I click the link, it just opens then immediately closes the page. I have been onto the github page but can't find where to download the zipped files. The page I land at says "don't download the beta". I'm not usually this stupid but can anyone provide a link, or guidance as to where to find the installation files. Thanks Andy
  2. Vangelis, I would still like to sort this if possible. I've tried using the PHP letters for times with leading zeros but it makes no difference and just either breaks the form or ends up with a blank dropdown. If you can help, that would be great
  3. Ok so I have finally made the updates to my files and uploaded them to Github. Latest updates include: Improved the time code as per Vangelis' suggestion. Replaced the code for the fleet dropdown with Strider's dynamically called fleet, using Web541's amended version to avoid duplicate aircraft. Added the "OperationsData.class.php" file to Github with the code necessary to make the dynamic fleet call work properly. Updated the readme file to include installation of the "OperationsData.class.php" file. There is a readme which explains how to install the form and additional files needed to run things properly. I've tested the form and it works very nicely on my VA site. Thanks for your contribution guys!
  4. 1,2 are ok. 3. I'm just uploading the install folder again to check this but I don't think it is the issue as everything else seems to be ok. 4. Have already checked the PIREPData.class.php and that's exactly the same as the original installation and my backup. 5. Have already looked at this and didn't see anything unusual but just going to check again for throroughness. Yes the pireps are recording and submitting fine apart from just the log field. The table field is empty yet smartcars is definitely capturing the information. Yes still with 123REG, it was easier to rebuild on there than move the entire site. Last real test is, as you say, to file a flight with kACARS. Just going to do that now. Will report back in a bit. Thanks
  5. So, I've hit on an unusual issue that has occurred as a result of having to rebuild my VA. My hosts 123REG, made a major stuff up and deleted a load of servers including ours. We've rebuilt it from a backup image but we've got a few odd things going on now. First and most important is that our pireps are now not recording anything in the "log" field of the pireps table in the database. I wondered if it could be to do with Smartcars but that is recording the details just fine and I've checked their scripts and they are all good and as they should be. I've checked to see if there are any errors being logged but there aren't. I'm not really sure what to check next. Can anyone suggest anything to look at to try and pinpoint the problem? Could it be a dataclass issue maybe? Thanks Harry
  6. Hi all, Apologies, I've been crazy busy with work and family. Plus I've just had to rebuild my VA after my host destroyed it due to an incompetent error. Good thing for backups! Ok so I can see there have been some additional suggestions to help pull the fleet info dynamically. Thanks for your input Web541 & Strider. Apologies Vangelis I didn't respond to you sooner, I've been away quite a bit. I will incorporate the additions into my files and upload them to github. There was also another issue I remember seeing on it but I can't think of it right now so I might come back to this thread if I remember and can't sort it myself. Thanks guys
  7. Umm yes please this would be a good addition. I'm already having issues with aircraft not appearing on the list Thank you.
  8. The airac supplied in the free simbrief account will be an out of date one. That is probably why it will give you a route that is different to what you want. You either need to buy and navigraph subscription to get the latest airac or, if you go to the simbrief website itself, you can use their dispatch centre and enter the route you want. It may throw errors though if waypoints are out of date.
  9. Yep, sorted it now thank you. Now showing the form correctly. Just noticed that the events module from you (crazy creatives) does the same thing. When trying to add a scheduled flight to an event, I get a php memory error. When I look at the code, it's the same issue. The function is trying to show all schedules. I was thinking, it would make more sense for the addflights.php file to also have a form which is preset with the depicao and the arricao and then the form shows only those routes that apply, rather than all routes. It's the function addflights1 that looks like it's calling all schedules. Would there be a way to stop all the schedules showing as with the above and just call the relevant schedules using the ICAOs?
  10. ahughes3

    Skin Question

    I think, if you have the module, the template is the widget.tpl file.
  11. ahughes3

    Skin Question

    Ah ok, that is from the "events" module from crazy creatives. It is basically a template that pulls information from the events tables and then just displays it using the template with css styling applied. I can't give you the code because it's not mine to give. Sorry.
  12. Ok, bear with me as I'm just learning PHP and just trying to understand this. I get the IF statement at the top of the page is just checking there are actually any routes. The bit further down in effect says, from the $schedules_list array, set each to $schedule. From this point all the echo statements are there just to show routes in separate entities on the resulting page. (tell me if I'm mistaken). So, I am assuming that for your comment, it would need to go inside the existing foreach statement in order to turn the already created $schedules variable into something else such as $whatever, yes? What I don't get, is how this would stop the routes still being shown. <?php if(!defined('IN_PHPVMS') && IN_PHPVMS !== true) { die(); } ?> <?php if(!$schedule_list) { echo '<p align="center">No routes have been found!</p>'; return; } ?> <table id="tabledlist" class="tablesorter"> <thead> <tr> <th>Flight Info</th> <th>Options</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <?php foreach($schedule_list as $schedule) { ?> <tr> <td> <a href="<?php echo url('/schedules/details/'.$schedule->id);?>"><?php echo $schedule->code . $schedule->flightnum?> <?php echo '('.$schedule->depicao.' - '.$schedule->arricao.')'?> </a> <br /> <strong>Departure: </strong><?php echo $schedule->deptime;?> <strong>Arrival: </strong><?php echo $schedule->arrtime;?><br /> <strong>Equipment: </strong><?php echo $schedule->aircraft; ?> (<?php echo $schedule->registration;?>) <strong>Distance: </strong><?php echo $schedule->distance . Config::Get('UNITS');?>
  13. Nope I'm lost lol. I've had an attempt at putting an if statement at the top of the schedule_searchform.php and clearly I know even less about php than I thought.
  14. Ok I can confirm that commenting out; $this->set('allroutes', $schedules); does indeed result in the same original memory error. Thank you anyway web541 as always. Not sure what you mean here mseiwald. Do you mean include the "if" statement in the schedule_searchform.php?
  15. Once you've emailed Derek at SimBrief you should receive an email from him. Might take a day or so. Alternatively, sign up on his forum and there is a section to apply for the API key. http://www.simbrief.com then go to help.
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