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  1. sev


    Hi i have loded it all up and all ok but when you click the generate button i get this error in the console.. https://imgur.com/3MJL04T
  2. sev

    Sim Brief for phpvms

    I know its a old post but is the code available?
  3. sev

    Sim Brief for phpvms

    In my core/templates where i copied the schedule_briefing.tpl to there already is a schedule_briefing.php is this gonna cause issues? #SOLVED#
  4. sev

    Sim Brief for phpvms

    I put all the files in the right place,, i shall check again,,
  5. sev

    Sim Brief for phpvms

    Yes and put in the right place
  6. sev

    Sim Brief for phpvms

    Having major issues have search and tried everything releated.. http://www.va.knights-airways.org.uk/index.php/Simbrief
  7. sev


    Having major issues, tried all the posts that i have searched,, still no joy.. http://www.va.knights-airways.org.uk/index.php/Simbrief Regards karl
  8. sev


    No, when a plane is not flying it's fine
  9. sev


    Have an alignment issue and ideas? thanks
  10. sev

    Flight Board

    Does that require to enter each route manually as i have over 10000,
  11. sev

    Flight Board

    Hi im looking for the code to apply a acars map and flight board on a landing page before going into crew centre...Thanks Karl Alden
  12. sev

    Flight Board

    Is there any free version similar to this anywhere http://www.integratedpirepsystem.com/products/liveboard
  13. sev

    Schedule Pull Needed

    https://virtualairlineschedules.net/ tell them karl sent you
  14. Hi i have an issue with my admin panel, when i go to view all pilots or schedules it show 0 , i have over 70 pilots and 3000 schedules... any idea?
  15. sev

    Admin Side panel

    Thanks Tim