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  1. sev


    Hi i have loded it all up and all ok but when you click the generate button i get this error in the console.. https://imgur.com/3MJL04T
  2. I know its a old post but is the code available?
  3. In my core/templates where i copied the schedule_briefing.tpl to there already is a schedule_briefing.php is this gonna cause issues? #SOLVED#
  4. I put all the files in the right place,, i shall check again,,
  5. Yes and put in the right place
  6. Having major issues have search and tried everything releated.. http://www.va.knights-airways.org.uk/index.php/Simbrief
  7. sev


    Having major issues, tried all the posts that i have searched,, still no joy.. http://www.va.knights-airways.org.uk/index.php/Simbrief Regards karl
  8. sev


    No, when a plane is not flying it's fine
  9. sev


    Have an alignment issue and ideas? thanks
  10. sev

    Flight Board

    Does that require to enter each route manually as i have over 10000,
  11. sev

    Flight Board

    Hi im looking for the code to apply a acars map and flight board on a landing page before going into crew centre...Thanks Karl Alden
  12. sev

    Flight Board

    Is there any free version similar to this anywhere http://www.integratedpirepsystem.com/products/liveboard
  13. https://virtualairlineschedules.net/ tell them karl sent you
  14. Hi i have an issue with my admin panel, when i go to view all pilots or schedules it show 0 , i have over 70 pilots and 3000 schedules... any idea?
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