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  1. You open schedule search and book a flight. It goes to your bids and you can fly it. If all you want to do is book a flight to fly, it's integral to the system.
  2. As far as I can se, what you want is a way to search through your schedules and book a flight. You don’t need an addon for this. It’s built in to PHPVMS. I don’t know about 7 but that is in development, so if you’re on that I would recommend 5.5.x simpilotgroup.
  3. I installed it manually. It broke again when I tried to enter my edit profile page...
  4. So, I'm getting quite a weird outcome. I installed it, I didn't look right, so I installed the modules. It worked. I have made no further changes but now I try and all I get is basic HTML. EDIT: Resetting skin to crystal then back to iCrew fixed the issue.
  5. Is there any way to set a benchmark landing rate for an individual flight in PHPVMS 2.5.x? I would like to be able to compare the landing rates of pilots with a pre-entered "optimal" figure, so they can receive rewards for lower rates and penalties for higher rates.
  6. I am on free, but just to test stuff out and I would like to have it concrete before I pay.
  7. I'm only using free to test stuff out before I buy.
  8. Hi, I recently installed CrewCenter by Mark Swan on my PHPVMS, but when I login to it, I just get PHP’s white screen of death. The login page works fine, and I can manually access the admin panel after login. I am on Nabeel’s PHPVMS 5.5.2 with PHP 5.3. I have followed all of the instructions regarding PHP 5.5.x on the CrewCenter thread. I am using the admin account for all of this. The location of the site is: http://crew.virtualmaltese.ml Does anyone have any ideas as to how this could be fixed? Cheers, VirtualAirMalta
  9. Hi, I’m having an issue with this skin. Login goes fine, but when it redirects after a successful login to what is supposed to be the profile page, I just get a blank white screen. The admin panel works fine. I am on Nabeel’s PHPVMS 5.5.2 and have followed the php_templates fix as stated above. The skin folder is named crewcenter. Does anyone know what’s going on here?
  10. I also had this problem on 000webhost today. I fixed it by setting the PHp version for my website to 5.2. Works perfectly.
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