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  1. Somebody can send me skin to AIRMAIL i used the crewcenter.
  2. Ilai

    Air Mail

    Hey how I add air mail to crew center, have some script ?
  3. Hey, somebody can give me download of Booking System to crew center, I need work with kACARS and smartACARS, THANKS !
  4. Ilai

    Pilot ID

    Thank u, do u know how I add pilot list to widget in crew center?
  5. Ilai

    Pilot ID

    Hey, how I change the pilot ID from 4 numbers to 3 numbers ? EXAMPLE: I want XXX001 and not XXX0001 thanks !
  6. How I do auto pirep, for example I want the pilot choose flight departure time and aircraft and the pirep will be send automatic and no the pilot need to choose virtual airline, fuel, flight time, how I do this ?
  7. Hey, I start build virtual airline and I use PHP VMS simpilot 5.5.2, I use Crew Center, somebody can to send me admin panel for PHPVMS in the defult i have problems. thanks !
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