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  1. BenjyGamer

    Welsh Airways

    I would never think someone would actually donate. Im using wordpress and it wont let me change the colour, ProAvia is helping me with the destinations thing. Im waiting for my livery maker to make the livery, just a friend trying for the first time. As the PilotCentre is on a subdomain it looks weird without the skin. My hosting provider doesnt allow for the page to be shown in a block.
  2. BenjyGamer

    Welsh Airways

    Whoever is reacting with confused. Please have the confidence to give feedback and reply. What are you confused about?
  3. BenjyGamer

    Welsh Airways

    Maybe I should clear some things up, we were originally AirWales Virtual. Not to be confused with Air Wales Virtual IKR. So we rebranded, got a .com instead of a .tk and redesgined everything. Its still a work in progress but I hope people can join the journey with us.
  4. BenjyGamer

    Welsh Airways

    After the rebrand, we are ready to launch! Join for an amazing experience at Welsh Airways! Fly the amazing virtual welsh skies! Join now! http://welshairways.com/
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