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  1. Hello, How do I solve the character problem? Thanks Kursat ---------------------------------------------------
  2. Hi @CarlosEduardo2409, There is an active flight but the map does not open. Can you help me again?
  3. Hi guys! I want to send monthly reports of pilots registered to the system How can I do as an e-mail? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, kACARS_Free Client Setup: Click kACARS_Free Module Webscript : Click Since it was difficult to find, I felt the need to share it here. Thanks, have a nice flight :))
  5. hmm okey, How can I send phpvms flight data to Ivao? is there a quick way to do this?
  6. Hello all, How to install ips for phpvms, i've uploaded the files but the flight doesn't appear .
  7. I solved the problem, I changed the icao codes to AKD Thank you all
  8. phpvms 5.5.2 (php5) Flight book v2
  9. Hello all, How to select all planes, im looking for a solution on this topic
  10. Fixed my problem i thank you all
  11. is there a way to update it? The data I use belongs to 2011
  12. Hello all, im having such a problem can you help me about this problem? Thank you all
  13. After a clean installation, I deleted the admin folder and uploaded new admin files. New admin files( ) ( https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x ) ADMIN EDIT: Link to admin files removed at request of member who supplied them to Kursat.
  14. php 5.6 aphace 1.3 mysql "https://github.com/proaviaaz/phpvms_5.5.2.72" this php7 version works fine but it doesn't work for php5
  15. Hello; phpvms 5.0 classic / phpvms 5.5.2 gave the same results Panel not working fully. installation was done again, the problem continues. Please help me
  16. Phpvms 5 module installed but I get an error please help me with this Thank you
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