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  1. Did you tested the module with any acars?
  2. What i seee at the database is that the aircraftid at bids table is the same id on aircrraft table I tried to insert b.aircraftid=a.id but it doesnt get the flight and the problem with any flight bided is solved the module was installed wrong
  3. Yes i installed the sql file
  4. I reinstalled everything again i purchased a vps and now when i book a fligh it says that i dont have any flight bidded I tried with crystal skin.
  5. How can i change the color scheme of crew center skin?
  6. Wich acars do you recomend me to use?
  7. as you see here im using fltbook module [14:13] the aircraft reg is EC-AMH [14:14] but in the schedule im using a fake aircaft with reg A320CALLSNG like at fltbook instructions but in the acars the registrations is the one specified at the schedule module The popup works correctly and the aircrafts list correctly
  8. When i try to report manually and throught the acars im getting this error image I added the schedules and the fleet. Im using phpvms 5.5.2 with php5.6 and Fltbook module v2
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