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  1. These plugins ... they are like wine ....... more time passes .. more they become good
  2. These plugins ... they are like wine ....... more time passes .. more they become good
  3. Having both, I can say that VMSacars is clearly superior to SmartCars, much lighter, easy and intuitive, in addition to the functions seen above
  4. Hello everyone, I have recently returned to PHPVMS 5 with this skin everything works (I also added the paid modules for tours and one for aircraft management) I have only one question : Is there a pear way to assign more than one type of aircraft for the same route? es. In Flight Schedules & Routes I create a route Lirf --- limc (one flight) but executable with B737 and A320 without necessarily creating 2 LIRF-LIMC flights, one for the B737 and one for A320? Because at the time of creation it makes me select a single type of aircraft Thank you very much in advance, and congratulations for the work you have done
  5. Good morning everyone and as always congratulations for your work I installed ProAvia phpVMS (phpVMS 5.5.2 updated for PHP 7.2) and this skin, and all the addons, the only thing I'm missing is the symbrief API key, I'm waiting for you to send it to me. I followed all the instructions step by step, with only phpVMS I have no problems I can do all the operations. But when I install the skin I can't add the planes, every time I get this error "There was an error adding the aircraft" I tried to insert it from Mysql and it works perfectly can you help me understand how to identify the problem? Thanks a lot in advance, and again congratulations for the work done
  6. Hello everyone first congratulations to those who developed this software, let's get to the point i just installed this management system on my aruba web apszio, but i have a problem with the initial configuration, everything works but when i enter the administration i always get this message "There was a problem running the cron; make sure it's setup and check logs at storage / logs / cron.log. See the docs ". Now my domain allows me to create only Scheduled tasks which can go at minimum intervals of 30 minutes and ask me which file of the domain should load in that interval. Could you please show me how to solve? I looked at the Guide but honestly I don't know what to do Many thanks in advance
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