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    Web site

    Hello, I would like to ask a technical question to implement the current flights on the live board of our website. I don't know if this is possible with phpvms or via acars. Pour pouvoir peut-être me donner une indication sur ce que je veux dire je vous ajoute le lien vers notre VA . http://new.aireuropeva.com/ Merci pour vos réponses par avance .
  2. Good evening, Small question at the moment, is it possible that a customer rents a business jet by hour of flight and pays the company according to it ? thanks
  3. Thanks DiposableHero , But nothing works for the moment, not easy when you are a beginner , what I did and I don't see any error, I publish here an example of what I want to put in place : class ExpenseListener extends Listener { public function handle(Expenses $event) { $expenses = []; $amount = 5000; if (abs($event->pirep->landing_rate) < 500) { return $expenses; } $expenses[] = new Expense([ 'type' => ExpenseType::FLIGHT, 'amount' => 5000, 'transaction_group' => 'Hard Landing', 'name' => 'Hard Landing Fee For Pirep='.$event->pirep->id, 'multiplier' => false, 'charge_to_user' => true, ]); return $expenses; } } Thank you
  4. I need to clear my head about the listener file . After creating the expenses do I have to create them again in the admin panel of Phpvms? I have tested without adding them but for example no hard landing charged to the driver, if someone could If someone could put me on the right track before transmitting to the web master of our VA thank you very much
  5. Thanks for the answer, but I suspected it, with our webmaster we updated the theme but not the basic I wanted to do it through the admin panel but without success it refuses to uninstall but it's not a problem sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. I had the DB pilots and log transferred to the VA site. Intallation DisposableBasic and Special after a flight and sending the pirep , in the roster I select a pilot I have an error 500 . I had the DB pilots and log transferred to the VA site. Intallation DisposableBasic and Special after a flight and sending the pirep , in the roster I select a pilot I have an error 500 Maybe the pilots should re-register or a bad installation of DisposableBasic ? Many thanks
  7. Thank you for your answer I will see with our web master. Best wishes to you also you are a great and helpful person all my respects
  8. Sorry I wanted to thank you for your kindness but without wanting to abuse I still do not see the current balance box in the pilot stats, yet we use your theme v3, and I am admin . If in doubt, should I modify something or add a Widjet ? Thank you and sorry to solicit you again
  9. Is it possible as an admin to see the balance of the drivers, without going through the pireps or the database, in order to check the credits and debits. Thanks
  10. Hello , Is it possible to see online flights on IVAO or VATSIM in the dashboard instead of No online flights found?
  11. Hello, For example during a hard landing to avoid cheating (yes that also exists) the pilot cancel and erase his pirep. Can we prevent a driver from deleting canceled Pireps ?
  12. Hello, I have a little problem with the deleted old expenses that remain in the drop-down menu. I have created an expense in the Listener file, but the Lavarel log tells me that it does not Cannot declare class App\Listeners\LandingRate_ChargePilot, because the name is already in use {"userId":6,"exception":"[object] (Symfony\\Component\\ErrorHandler\\Error\\FatalError(code: 0): Cannot declare class App\\Listeners\\LandingRate_ChargePilot, because the name is already in use at /home/jacquesm/phpvms/app/Listeners/ExpenseListener.php:0). Is there a file to modify somewhere ? or to delete ? Sorry but the site does not take my screen shot
  13. I wanted to say to be more precise that I have my CS AEL006 assigned by the VA, when I register on Phpvms for untiliser Vmsacars, I must modify in the admin part the CS given automatically, this I understood well . In your answer you specify well that it is necessary to modify manually and that one cannot modify the automatism of attribution of the CS. So I deduce that the box I added in the registration form is useless 😉 In any case DisposableHero, I appreciate your modules and especially your availability to answer my questions sometimes a little confused not being English speaking, I use DEEPL to translate. Thanks again 👍
  14. I would like to make sure that when a driver registers in Phpvms, he can put his assigned CS by the VA . For the moment I am obliged to modify the CS with each inscription of a new pilot example AEL022 becomes 002 automatically, I set up on the home page a box CS for this purpose, if there is means to make I am taker :😉
  15. Hello to all, I have a small problem on the dasbord, the scale does not display any amount always 0,00€ and pilot not are payd . I use Disposablehero modules I'm not too skilled in programming but I spend time to do well without daring to ask your help. Thanks for your feedback
  16. Thank you very much Disposablehero for all your explanations and for taking your free time. It's a pity that we are not neighbors, it would be worth a drink or a coffee.😉
  17. I modified in PHPvms/App/Liteners the ExpenseListener file like this: /*$expenses[] = Hard Landing([ type' => ExpenseType::Hard Landing, amount' => 501, # €50000 transaction_group' => 'Debit', 'charge_to_user' => false, ]);*/
  18. Thank you Sir, it is not my intention to touch what I don't know as a French proverb says (touche pas à ça petit con )😀 encore merci à vous pour cette aide 😀
  19. Thank you for your answers DisposableHero. For the question of creating my own coding, is something I have never done. I don't even know where to find the files to modify :(. Finally I would like to add another question if you allow me: In the VA we charge the hard landing to the pilot, I found how to charge him, create the expense but it is deducted at each of his flights even if the landing rate is good, should we also create a code for that? PS: I use your modules to transfer phpvms on our server of the VA later so that everything works correctly. Many thanks to you
  20. Hello , We offer cargo contracts to our pilots, they are paid by the KG transported, I am looking for how to create the tariff. Ex: 1kg loaded = 1.00 € if a sympathetic enough person could help me that would be great. Thanks in advance
  21. Hello, Multiple possibilities for users to use the same aircraft and registration? During a test yesterday I have in sub-fleet a 738 cargo reg : F-HJMG, vmsacars tells me the plane is not available. Our VA assigns a reg code to each aircraft, I would like to know if several pilots can use the same one to fly together in group ? Thanks
  22. Jbaltazar67

    Add rules

    Is it possible to add rules in vmsACARS by yourself? Example : Autothust on/off or Autopilot on/off Thanks for your feedback
  23. Hello to all, I have created my VA VMSAcars , but I can't select it in the tab for sending the flight plan in the drop down menu . I join a screen . If someone has a solution . Thanks in advance.
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