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  1. Hey I try to implement it again and got nothing you can look at the photos below to see and probably tell me where I went wrong but I followed all the instructions.
  2. ok thx i will try again and if i run into a issue ill let you know
  3. Ok because I can see it in my phpMyAdmin in the server but it doesn't show up exactly in the admin center off the website
  4. Good day I have a question i have installed this and followed the read me file just to verify if I installed this and nothing pop up you said to switch the tpl files to php or what would I do in this instance now
  5. Ok thank you so much for your help
  6. Same did you ever got them resolved if so if you don't mind can you share
  7. OK I started to I am just getting a sidebar issue for airplane, airports, and airline it looks like this "sidebar_aircraft.tpl"
  8. It’s the code itself because I was trying to add the stisla skin for the website and one the scripts replaced the original operating data script because when I started to edit it they planes where able to add and edit only thing was the names wasn’t displaying, but if you can could you refer me to the archive link from GitHub.
  9. I think i found the issue is it possible that you have the operations data.class.php for the crystal skin
  10. where would i find this and how would i go about doing this in reinstalling
  11. Ok my host is TFDI but I will request them to see if it is on or off. Also how would i go about in adding the aircrafts manually and how would i back it up as TFDI had set up my php for me
  12. PHP 5.5 phpvms version- simpilot 5.5.2 Mysql- 5.7.35-cll-lve
  13. yh they actually did mines for me
  14. Good day does anyone know exactly to fix the add/ aircraft error as i am currently having this issue and because of this nothing is appearing in my smart cars.
  15. Can you show me what to do if possible because i am currently having this error
  16. If you don’t mind i Am kinda having the same issue I message them but they take like 2 days to get back. What was the fix if you don’t mind
  17. hi I am new to this I was wondering would this all be able to incorporate with my php website for my virtual airline and if so how would I incorporate it
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