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  1. I 've used FAB , BRS , FAV but none have been accepted, any code that I put gives the same error
  2. i try many diferents code for this inssue any help? thanks
  3. Gentlemen, Forgive me talk again about this matter, but the two years that use the FSFK and so far not seen a satisfactory answer to my doubts. We know that we use is oriented xacars and KACARS to register or log, but much of my pilots like to use FSFK but they all want to see pictures of the flight at PIREP and today it was not possible, Here is my configuration if is correct My page is http://www.forcaaere...l.com.br/sisweb Is this correct or is it something different configuration? I appreciate the patience to all
  4. this is the way i'ts the home page, www.forcaaereavirtual.com.br/sisweb www/sisweb/lib/fsfk
  5. i can click on www or public_html but i prefer use the www folder
  6. Look, I do not know if this correct, plus the address it this way! shipping charges up to 90% after the error of the above photos
  7. Look, I did so in the first picture, and gave the error in the second photo! Sorry if I'm being boring ok! I love you Nabbel !
  8. OK i need write Config::Set('FSFK_IMAGE_PATH', '/lib/fsfk'); //www/sisweb/lib/fsfk or Config::Set('FSFK_IMAGE_PATH', '/lib/fsfk/www/sisweb/lib/fsfk'); // Thanks Nabeel, You're the mam!
  9. Look Donw! Whats the Right? Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_SERVER', 'ftp.forcaaereavirtual.com.br/www/sisweb/lib/fsfk/'); Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_PORT', '21'); Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_USER', 'forcaaer'); Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_PASS', 'pass'); Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_PASSIVE_MODE', 'TRUE'); Config::Set('FSFK_IMAGE_PATH', '/lib/fsfk'); // web path from SITE_ROOT or Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_SERVER', 'ftp.forcaaereavirtual.com.br'); Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_PORT', '21'); Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_USER', 'forcaaer'); Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_PASS', 'pass'); Config::Set('FSFK_FTP_PASSIVE_MODE', 'TRUE'); Config::Se
  10. Good moornig guys! i did search in this forum how to configure FSFK, and follow any topics, but i have problems yet take a look when i try conect and when i try send log to my VA All folders have permission 777 Sorry if i not found this solution, but if anyone have the Solution, call-me! Thanks guys, nice Program ( phpvms )
  11. Where stay the file, and how is the name of this file to change thanks
  12. English: good day friend! I just installed the PHPVMS for my military VA being, however, know nothing of php, I only know some HTML, but as it is very easy to use, so I got him! but allows a user to more knowledge to work on it, he changed the site settings, and now the option to register pilots no longer appears on the menu, nor in the homepage, thus preventing the registration of new pilots . I'm signing up right through phphmyadmin pilots but I believe that any z in I change the phpmyadmin is a direct conflict with the files from fsacars (. Ini) of the pilots, who then must do the sam
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