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  1. Fly American Virtual is your one-stop-shop for American and One World partner routes. We allow our pilots to fly ANY ROUTE in our schedules, ANY AIRCRAFT in our fleet, at ANYTIME! We don’t require pilots to pass a test, or build hours to fly our aircraft. Fly American Virtual is the only virtual American Airlines that allows pilots to fly all aircraft types from day one. With fAVA, you'll never have a problem not finding the route you want to fly. If a schedule you want to fly is not available, or you want to fly a totally different route, you can create your own charter flight using our ACARS-integrated "create-a-flight" feature. We don't go off rejecting PIREPS just because an error might appear here or there. We want to incorporate realism into a fun, yet laid back environment. Just fly and have fun! We have a private TeamSpeak 3 server for our pilots to use to communicate, hang out, and meet each other. Our Top Pilot program is quite different from other airlines. We have a Pilot of the Month contest, and a Pilot of the Year contest. The winner of each contect receives a payware addon of their choice (rules apply ). Come see why fAVA stands out among the top Virtual Airlines. We have something for everyone. Check us out at www.flyamericanvirtual.com
  2. In my VA, Fly American Virtual, the VA stats show the TOTAL number of pilots in the VA. I have all active pilots in a group, and then all the inactive or retired pilots in another group, so that everything is organized. How do I set the VA stats "total pilots" to the number of pilots in the group "Active Pilots" that I have? For reference, here is what "Stats" box I'm talking about: <h3>Statistics</h3> Total Pilots: <?php echo StatsData::PilotCount(); ?> <br /> Total Flights: <?php echo number_format(StatsData::TotalFlights()); ?><br /> Total Flights Today: <?php echo StatsData::totalflightstoday(); ?><br /> Total Flight Hours: <?php echo number_format(StatsData::TotalHours(), 0); ?> hrs<br /> Total Pax Carried: <?php echo number_format(StatsData::totalpaxcarried()); ?><br /> Total Fuel Burned: <?php echo number_format(StatsData::totalfuelburned(), 0); ?> lbs<br /> Total Flight Miles: <?php echo number_format(StatsData::totalmilesflown()); ?> nm<br /> Total Schedules: <?php echo StatsData::TotalSchedules(); ?><br /> I don't speak very well php... I just finished my course in HTML and CSS, but php still presents itself to be out of my expertise. Any help?
  3. Over here at Fly American, we are looking for more pilots! We already have about 65 on the roster, but it never hurts to add more, eh? We also have ALL of our Hub Manager positions open. Stats below: http://prntscr.com/72mort Intertested? Check out our website here.
  4. Come join us at Fly American Virtual for our up coming event this Saturday: As the banner says, we'll be flying from KOAK to KMEM. Departure time is 12:00pm CT (1:00pm ET, 1700z UTC), and we expect to be at Memphis by around 2030z or so. More information is available on our website: http://www.flyamericanvirtual.com/index.php/events/get_event?id=3 Hope to see you there! If you are interested in joining Fly American, visit our website! www.flyamericanvirtual.com
  5. I don't have any RW Etihad routes. We do fictional and mixed up routes, mainly for new VAs to use.
  6. Hi, all you'd have to do is export all of your routes to a .csv file, and email it to me at tobyrice01@gmail.com Once I get the files, I'll send you a file containing all the previously added routes. They are not organized, but you can play with them.
  7. My site: http://bluehawkvirtual.net/index.php/ You can see that on the flight board, latest pilots, and a few other things that the text colors are different. Almost as if you clicked on it, and it grayed out. Problem is, it happens for everyone. Another Question: The banner at the top of the page, it has our logo on it. I just uploaded pictures with our logo pasted onto it. How do I make the logo appear on the banner, but as a separate image file? It probably requires jQuery or something...I have no idea. In the long run, I'm perking this site until I have someone make a good one, or I get my skills together and make a good one myself. The site looks ok right now, but it's still a free skin Help?
  8. Stazzer1234, I got your email. I'll send it your way on Friday. I'm not in a position to send any files until then... longhorns19, if you want, email me your routes and I'll send you the file on Friday.
  9. Thanks Dave! Your routes have been sent, and the file updated. Official Update 12-20-14 Airlines Participating: BlueHawk Virtual Airways Orange Air VA Soar VA There are an estimated total of 2,417 schedules in the file.
  10. I know. This is meant for fictional VAs. BUT, I am making routes from RW airlines. Such as American, Spirit and more. I already have every route that spirit airlines flies. And those are also put into the file as well. So if your va is fictional or not, please do this! Even if it does not really benefit you more than you would like, there will still be many VAs that will always appreciate your gift. Note that I will record the VAs that participate, and give credit to them in the file.
  11. Hi All, I've been working on a project for my VA, and I had an idea to make it bigger. You know how VAs, especially new ones need routes. It takes time and energy to make them. Well, my idea is a Give and Receive Route Project. It is basically where VAs share all their routes in a large route import file, and that file is free for anyone to use with their VA. The only few rules are that every time a VA uses the routes in the file, that they put all of their (freeware) routes in that file. In return, they may download and use all/any of the routes as they wish. No one may in any way sell this file. All routes put into this file are to be freeware, or made by the VA. No payware routes are allowed. Here is an example of how it works: (Note that hereinafter, the words "removed, removes or remove" may be used in the context of copying/using routes for use in the VA. The term "Removed" is not used to say that the routes are "deleted" from the file) Airline A (my own VA) puts all of their routes into the file. Airline B also puts their own routes into the file, and removes the routes that are in the file for use in their (B's) own VA. Airline A now has access to Airline B's routes, as well as Airline B having access to Airline A's routes. Airline C comes along and put's their routes into the file and adds the routes that are already in the file to their own routes for pilots to fly. Airline D, Airline E, Airline F and Airline G do the same thing. You may have not counted, but there are now routes from 7 airlines in this file. If each VA put in, say 500 routes, then the file would have a good 3,500 routes in it for the airlines to use. All of the airlines that gave routes may use all of the routes that are in the Import File for their own use. They can edit, add/remove routes that they download. As long as they do not sell it or pass it off as their own work. See the potential in this? All of these VA's can get tons of routes for almost nothing! The only exchange is that you give us an import file of your current routes to add to the file. I know that people could just get a Charter System, and make all their own routes. But sometimes it's better to have plain old schedules If you want to partake in this, simply reply here giving me the export file to your routes. You may also PM me the files OR email me @ tobyrice01@gmail.com. All you have to do is send me your Import File. Upon receiving it, I send you the file with all the schedules in it. Note that when you get the file, it will not have your own routes in it! So do not delete your routes when you import. After we send you the file, we will upload a new one with yours added. Current the file has 2 VAs of routes in it, plus some AAL and all of NKS routes. A Grand Total of 1173 routes! I recommend doing this because it is utterly impossible to loose anything with this. You either gain a ton, gain a little, or nothing. You do not loose anything. 99% of the time you will gain a ton! I will update the files and whatnot in replies to this thread. Please give me your ideas and feedback! I cannot do this project without you. The files will be sent to you once you ask me Reply or PM.
  12. I've been working on trying to install this for a week now. I get this error when I'm logged in and go to the Charter page: Fatal error: Call to undefined method SchedulesData::countCharterSchedules() in /home/bluehawk/public_html/core/templates/charter/ops_schedules.tpl on line 65 What do I do to fix this? It seems the SchedulesData.class.php file is missing!
  13. I am working on over 2,000 routes to givaway. I'll post them when I'm done.
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