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  1. I think Jeff may have stopped doing custom kacars again
  2. Used Kipplex to pull down some schedules and was pleasantly surprised had all the schedules i needed was a great experience
  3. Hi Im looking for someone to create a skin and customize for a vams here is a link for it http://virtualairlinesmanager.net/ so if someone could give a me a pm and quote I also know the owner of tntv woulod also like a quote. regards Ashley
  4. HI Guys Jordan Barber is a thief and it has been brought to my attention he basically stole a entire replica of my website that was made by Sava Markovic I would not of been made aware of this if it was not for the guys at http://www.elalvirtual.com/en/ emailing me and telling me they had the exact same website as me done by Jordan barber I would not of known this.below is the email they sent to me.I feel sorry for them they payed him money and ended up paying someone else to make a new site. Im Just saying people who contact this guy don't do business with him Hey, thanks for your reply. It seems that our original designer (Jordan Barber) copied your website design. We came across it which is why I wrote you originally, to try and understand, because we paid him for original work and he clearly just copied. Needless to say, we stopped working with him and re-disowned our website, which is the reason it looks completely different from yours now. Originally it was the same. I also suggest you contact whoever built and designed your site and let them know that people out there are straight-up copying his design and charging for it.
  5. ok thank you for your help
  6. Hi Guys im Using th latest version of Airmail by simpilot group and for some reason I will type a message normally but when the recipient it adds this into the message \r\n\r\n its added it at the beginning middle and end of the message any one know why this does this?
  7. Im after someone to create a briefing packaged using simbrief Api And someone to create a flight board (resolved)
  8. Hi guys I need the Services of a professional website designer.
  9. HI this guy vangelis has one here is a link to his site http://www.baggelis.com/
  10. I don't want you to think im being horrible to you i just wouldn't want to see you do loads of work then to be shut down.Im afraid to be honest anything with the word easyjet or ezy is it is a violation regardless if you add the word virtual added at the end. I personally would not be doing an easyjet virtual at all i would look at another company send them an email get thier permissions to use thier logo and trademark etc.Then start building website
  11. I dont understand what you mean. But I can tell you that you have to have permissions to use real world airlines logos names and trademarks etc.I know people have tried to created easyjet virtual before and have failed because easyjet do not give their permission to anyone to use the logo name or trademark.Also the people that have tried without permission have been sent legal action and even some cases have been taken to court. so that's why i said goodluck
  12. Good luck with easyjet I give you a week 2 at tops before the real easyjet start sending you letters about legal action
  13. OK Jordan Barber has msg me bck and has taken it down so issue resolved
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