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  1. Nabeel what im trying to do is once a pilot is approved then a forum account is created, I have the creation script i just need to put it in to the trigger which i want to be the approve button, or thinking on further maybe when you click the pilots name i could add a button to create a forum account as well. The easiest option would be to get the script to fire reading the profile name email etc when the approve pilot button is hit, so i suppose the question is what happens now when you double click the accept pilot. Hope i make some kind of sence, Thanks
  2. Hi, not sure if its just me or not but when a pilot registers he gets a mail saying he will be informed when his account is active, that works fine but when you approve the registration no mail is sent out confirming his status.
  3. You could use external settings to restrict pages with a password from your server if you know how. That would be the easiest with out having to create user levels and assign them permissions.
  4. The best way to learn is to experiment, thats what i have done customised the .tpl pages in the templates folder. Just make a backup and anything you do can be reversed. Good luck
  5. Grants Virtual Airline - http://www.grantsva.com
  6. Hi guys on the registration page the email with the extension .info will not register, just get a page refresh with no error message. Maybe something to look at in the future
  7. Thanks Nabeel, that works a treat.
  8. Hi is there an easy way of listing a pilots last arrival in their profile? What im trying to do is have pilots follow on from their arrival airport as in the real world but on different equipment. So ay one day i do EGKK to EHAM then when i come back id start from EHAM which would be listed in my profile as a reminder. Thanks
  9. mark1million


    Said i wat still learning ill give that a try, looks good...
  10. mark1million


    Im still very much learning my self but a good way to integrate the forum is to create a new page via the site pages and then paste the following, <iframe src="url of your forum" frameborder="0" height="800" width="950"></iframe> You can experiment a bit but for me the height and width seem about right. Im only in the testing stages at the moment getting to learn before i go live but its all great fun Great site by the way!
  11. Dave thats what i get, but it does seem to send the pirep but it doesnt show up on the pireps waiting to be approved you have to go in to the admin and view all. strange..
  12. Guys, i have been messing about with the drop down menus for FSACARS and the following formats work. This is an example of the format below, [Plane.0] Name=B733/M Reg=CS-TGP Sel=KS-GR Flaps=Up,1º,2º,5º,10º,15º,25º,30º,40º The format being [Plane.i] Name=Plane ICAO Reg=xxx,yyy,zzz Sel= ttt,vvv,lll Flaps=a,b,c,d, i – Number beginning at 0 and adding 1 for each plane; xxx,yyy,zzz – Strings separated by , each one representing a airplane registration for this type; ttt,vvv,lll – Strings separated by , each one representing a airplane Selcal for this type, Note: The number of strings must be the same in sel and reg. Leave a space separated by , to make the same.if there aren’t any string in sel= and reg= the FSacars will not supply a list; a,b,c,d,– Strings separated by , each one representing a airplane flap value. You can create a txt file with your fleet and add the link to download with the FSACARS .ini, they both go in the same place.
  13. I think you may have the same problem as me where a pilot files a pirep via fsacars and it doesn't show up in the "waiting to be approved" feed, its got something to do with the aircraft registration not being filled in on fsacars.
  14. Hi guys im after point in the right direction, im trying to configure the acars ini for the VA but cant seem to find the settings, any help would be great, Thanks.
  15. Hi, Looking at the link you don't have much to change, just take a look through this section of the forum and take your time, its easy just read,understand and have a go. Just remember to make a copy of your original folder just incase it goes wrong
  16. Real nice, that's looking sweet!!!
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