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  1. With my airline i make it manatory for all pilots to read my Operations Hand Guide Which basically has all of the information required. Firstly I Start of with Quantum's Aim Which has our mission and what we aim to do. Helps Motivate Pilots Enrolment Just some stuff about Enrolment At Quantum Cargo we warmly welcome pilots of all experience level and backgrounds, to which all have equal chance of application success. But the following are required for a successful application; Applicants must be at least 13 Years of Age or Older. Applicants must commit to fly 1 Flight Schedule Loop per month Other Stuff like Hub Transfers and LOA Flights I Then go on to talk about how things are done like how to fly and how to book flights and some basic flight law. I Don't have a Training Department as Such I monitor the way pilots fly from their PIREPS If there is something I do not like a will tell them to not do it like, Pausing, Overspeeding for a short time If I see that the pilot is doing more dangerous things like, Overspeeding for ages, Landing at a rate of more that -500fpm, Stalling, Landing at the wrong airport I will put them on a moderation period where i monitor every flight they do I also check they do know how to fly and I have a better look at their record like Vatsim flights if possible. If they Continue They get the boot. Also to say i do not do entry exams because they are not in proper conditions so I can not know if they cheat. If pilots don't know how to do things i have several experienced pilots and friends that are on Teamspeak to help them, we also have a forum for help.
  2. I have uploaded this to my airline but the thing is that There are Aircraft at airports that have never been flown too. How to i reset it so all of my aircraft are at their correct airports. At the moment i have a 757 at EDDF but that flight has never been flown yet! Thanks in Advance
  3. If there a way to remove the choice to select airline because it's pointless if you only have 1 airline and does it only let you see flights for Aircraft you are ranked to fly, No it doesn't so how do i get it to do that because it defeats the object of this if it lets you fly planes that you arn't type rated to fly
  4. Hello People Can Someone help me make a script or send me a script that will automatically check that a ACARS's flight is being done on Vatsim by checking Vataware for current flights under the callsign of the Bided flight and show that on the Live map. I don't know about coding so if someone could make the script or guide me through how to make it. Thanks in Advance
  5. Can anyone tell me who i can make my Pilot Roster show if they have Vatsim or not and have it link to their VATAWARE account? like on this VA's one http://www.flyaerova.com/index.php/pilots Thanks in Advance
  6. This topic is outdated now I'm not looking at it any more
  7. I wouldn't say I got off on the wrong foot, people are just going OTT about me saying my VA might leave after a while. So much to in a way it feels like harassment. I asked for comments not full on Criticism which isn't positive.
  8. Tom I never said I wouldn't learn. I said my website template was too complicated and impractical for me to skin it. I'l Tell you what could be easier. Can someone teach me how to use API. Please. The I can use my own website and not have to skin everything in to the phpvms and still have the functions of it. YET AGAIN, I said my CEO decision and he might or might not move, and still you say a short period of time, even when I say it would be a long time till we get the pilots before it would be worthwhile (WE would get the pilots to donate towards it) so then being some of their decision too.
  9. I'v Said I don't call the shots The CEO Does. I'm not CEO. Its his choice if he wants to move to a different (Better?) System, not mine. All that happened was is, the CEO had the idea of an airline. I said why not VAFS and he said he doesn't want to pay at this time and i then recommended PHPVMS because it was free and could be set up with relative Ease. If it was my way and I could wait 6 months I know someone who could make a VA system for me for free and I would use that. Yes i am 14 and i do expect some things to be done for me! and being a adult you should expect that! if you have children of your own. But I wouldn't think that the people or person who make PHPVMS would kill himself because one airline stopped using the software they developed. They should be proud with what they done already. In a commercial world, PHPVMS is the product and I am the consumer/customer and as the saying goes " The Customer is always right!" and being "staff" you should accept that my airline might want to "move on" as it were to a new system. You shouldn't be having a go at me. The again it is more likely the staff not to help me rather than the community because they are probably more helpful than me and most people like helping others, I too like doing that but only under certain circumstances, i wouldn't help someone if i didn't know exactly how to do something. Like in school, I know alot of stuff and I have a rep for being smart but then if I say something that isn't right I feel bad about myself because it lowers my status with everyone else! but that's just me. Regards
  10. Really I don't think Quantum will get enough pilots at this rate. SO THERE ARE YOU HAPPY. So My Airline will never move on and will stay with you PRECIOUS PHPVMS
  11. For Gods sake, I am getting Really Fed up with the lot of you! I'm sorry but you guys are really starting to annoy me. Put my reputation down to negative 20 ,I though that was meant to be use if your helping someone, Personally I dint expect this much So negative criticism about skinning. Seriously I'm not very good with coding, I'm only 14 years old! So I do Not have the money to get someone for example Tom (I know you do stuff with skinning) even though I read the comments, I cannot implement it into the website template I have because it is too complicated for me! I Would rather use a system that doesn't require you to edit code to change a setting with FAR more STANDARDISED functionality, not having to add some code to add a feature.( which is what all the other Software seems to show) and then again if no-one wants to help me i will just leave post on forums not use use PHPVMS because of ... Everyone is un-help full, etc.
  12. ok, Firstly, QCX001-QCX007 are all people from a Flight Sim Community that I fly with and the other 2 are people who joined today. Secondly, i said I didn't get any pilots even when I posted of 3 major forums (PHPVMS, AVSIM and Flightsim.com) becasue no-one looked at the posts inspite of me put in tags for the topic (when others didn't) and still not getting views Thirdly, I got a few pilots that i din't know and NONE of them Flew. I said nothing very bad about PHPVMS, i was mearly saying, What would be the point in Spending £40 for VAFS if no-one is going to join or the Airline would fail in the first month! Regards
  13. I'v Set up many airlines with PHPVMS, Advertised them on AVSIM, Flightsim.com, PHPVMS and all the others and NEVER got many pilots from them! I think it will be along time before the CEO wants to move over, and as you can probably amuse I'm only Co-CEO ( Because I made the site, and know how to use PHPVMS to some amount) I don't call any of the shots! and thanks tom i will have a look
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