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Non Flown Flights


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Non-Flown Flights v1.1

This module is going to create a simple list (based on the default schedules list) which will include the flights which have not been flown yet but a pilot. This is based on the schedule's departure and arrival airport ICAO codes.

How to Install?

Download the module from the link you will find below. Copy and upload the files, same as the structure of your phpVMS website. If you want to link your VA's pilots to this module, use this part of code:

www.yousite.com/index.php/NonFlownFlt -or- <?php echo url('/NonFlownFlt'); ?>

Please note that this module is only accessible to the users who have logged in on your phpVMS website.




This module has been uploaded on GitHub and it can be downloaded via here.


Support will be offered by this forum. If you have any question/suggestion or request do not hesitate to let us know. I am not going to answer any personal messages requesting support for this module.


Registered Under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

Please do not remove the copyright notice as it is part of the Creative Commons License which module is licensed under. Please consider buying me a coffee. FYI, coffee in Greece costs just 1€. :P

Have Fun!

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Huhm. Looks pretty good.

More or the less what I wanted. I think I can implement this.

Just looking how I manage to put it into this form (http://www.citylink-va.com/index.php/schedules). Especially, because of the extracode behind From, To and time.

BTW how can I buy you a coffee? And it is very conveniënt you have Euros too.


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Will do.

I had a small issue, with something you can help me too.

Issue is, that we recently decided to rename all flights from CLV and CLX to CLM.

As I saw that I still had to do all the flights, I did a quick check on my personal PIREP list and saw a lot of pireps from flights done, that came back on the ToDo list.

I just did do an update statement in the mysql, and changed every Pirep into starting with CLM.

But that did not seem to help.

Anything else going around?

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