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[SOLVED]Xacars URL help

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Hello All,

Despite the fact that our system uses both kAcars and SmartCars, It appears that now we have quite a few people asking to join that us OSX. This is my first experience having them join using a iMac. They are requesting a URLs for the pirep sending. This being my first time even using Xacars, I guess I need help pointing them to the right URL. I tried looking through the server for the XACARS files but maybe I missed them. Can someone please help guide me on where to link them to. Site is eravirtualairways.com. Thanks.

Also, I'm guessing kAcars doesnt have support for iMac right?

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The url for the pilots to download the config file should be, http://eravirtualairways.com/en/action.php/acars/xacarsconfig

I have my link in the profile_main.tpl

<a href="<?php echo actionurl('/acars/xacarsconfig');?>">X-ACARS Config File</a>

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