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  1. Anyone have suggestions for a fix?
  2. I also just logged into another pilot's account after bumping them up to admin status for testing (done through sql) and all the admin links popped up that a normal admin would see....but go figure they cannot log in either...same error message I get. Attached a pic of the exact message I get. Any help is great at this point. I have tried 3 different pcs and none will let me back into the acmin center.... error1.zip
  3. Windows 10 and Ive tried chrome, edge, and IE with no luck...same error. I am the only one with the password to the sql database and server. I have nt been in the server in over 4 months. Its just weird because one day im editing schedules and the next day it wont let me in the admin panel. Ive seen the "unauthorized user" several years ago and resolved that but never the "Please login" when clicking it. The other admin when in and removed me from the admin group and added me back in and still no luck. I just opened the sql database and it shows my Id in the admin group...
  4. Hello- So I have been an admin and web developer for my VA for years now. I tried to login over the past few days and every time I click Admin or go to the admin center I get the error "Error was occured. Please log in first" I tried logging out and re-logging in with no luck. Went into the database and I am showing as part of group 1 - Administrators. I had the only other admin login and he said I show I am part of the admin group in my profile. Not sure what happened...any ideas? I was editing routes a few days ago and I went in to do more editing and it seems like the admin center wont
  5. Not seeing the setting. Must be a newer version than 5.5. The only setting there is webmaster email but that's not what needs changed.
  6. That works for selecting the recipient of the email but I am looking for the reply-to....in other words when, when I hit reply in my inbox it populates my email address in the TO field and not the person who sent the email....so in order to send it to them I have to copy their email address out of the body of the email to the TO field otherwise I'd be emailing myself and not them...
  7. I'd like to know the same thing. Ever since I upgraded phpvms it started doing this and cant find the setting or file to edit....did you ever find it?
  8. Sorry to be a pain but can you point me in the correct direction. I have been trying to find one to use that works with phpvms but apparently I am looking in the wrong spots. Any help is appreciated, especially since I am relatively new to php coding.
  9. I know this is an old post, but my pilot admin is doing the same....it is marking pilot's as ON LEAVE instead of RETIRED. Database does show 3 in the retired column. Where do I need to change the code to make it set retired pilots to 1 instead of 3? I cannot seem to find the right file...and line. I am running 5.5 if that helps...
  10. Know of any way to correct the menu. I have very little coding experience...it's a pain to open the site from my phone just to get to pireps. Any help would be awesome.
  11. Has anyone figured out a fix to this? I also have my airline logo stationary on top of my slideshow on mobile browser (chrome). Also my menu dropdowns are not working... Any help is great!
  12. Ok kill give that a try. I see is was set with the wrong price.
  13. I have an odd question that i don't see a thread for.... I exported the schedule we have to work on it quicker and then import it. I see that the flighttype section is empty to I go through and add the C, P, H respectively for the type it is. After importing the flight i noticed all pireps have a negative profit so I exported the schedules again. All the Types are again missing. It appears that the system on input is defaulting all flight to passenger loads with cargo prices....I verified the .csv has the right price. Not sure why it is doing this....any ideas on help would be great. Would li
  14. I figured the second one might be tricky. Just trying to get away from having to buy another domain and install phpvms again. As for the first question regarding schedule sorting... Any idea on how to do that? Thanks.
  15. Hello. I have a few questions regarding subdomains. I recently added a subdomain to our va in order to attempt to seperate our divisions from one another. I have created the subdomain and copied the phpvms files to the subdomain and edited the skin files to reflect the new look. I have the same database for all divisions currently. My questions... 1. Is it possible to show only the schedules for that airline code and ignore the other divisions' schedules? 2. Same with aircraft...is there a way to seperate aircraft by airline? I know these may seem like odd questions but I am inexperienced i
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