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Connect Teamspeak 3 to MYSQL

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I have been trying to install Teamspeak 3 (its on a vps) to a mysql server where i can manage the settings in mysql and automatically create privlage keys for new pilots). The current tutorials i have seen online are a bit confusing. Has anyone else done this?

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Hey guys i wanted to do this a couple of months ago and stumbled upon this https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=56392&f=68

That forum has a download on it on which you can use mysql and php from the teamspeak api to connect with your teamspeak server and automatically generates privilege keys depending on there rank, in this case it was depending on their controller rating and pilot rating. This was used for the Vatsim UK Teamspeak and I by no means made this I just thought you might wanna take a look. Its very good running on I believe PHP 5.3 but you will have to double check that. The actual github for this project is http://a-lawrence.github.io/TS3-Reg/

All rights are reserved to Anthony Lawrence for creating and sharing this :)

Hope this helped,

George Barlow

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Man that code is really old and version php 5.3 is to. Has anyone tried this on php5.5 or 5.6? I am pretty sure it won't work in php 7. Never know though I guess.

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