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Sidebar problem in Admin page(might be a bug) [SOLVED]

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When you visit 'admin' page, did you find that the website shows a '.tpl' filename on the top of the sidebar? (attached 'before.png')

It did trouble me to find the reason. But finally, I solved that problem. That is what the sidebar should display. (attached 'after.png')

You may find '/admin/templates/core_sidebar.tpl' which is a one-line file. I write the code below.

<div id="sidecolumn"><?php echo $sidebar?></div>

I changed the code into this.

<div id="sidecolumn"><?php Template::Show($sidebar);?></div>

Then the problem is solved.

In order to help more admin, I decide to put the method here. Thanks for your reading.




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i have the same problem but my problem is not resolved...

I have a problem whis:
- sidebar_airlines.tpl
- sidebar_schedules.tpl

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