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Switching from .tpl to .php versions!

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On 12/17/2016 at 4:57 AM, mitchmewett said:


I have started a VA alliance group with @HearGrandCookie, however we need to use specific plugins that is only supported by the .php version of phpVMS.

I have had the tpl one for some time now, and I am going to switch to the DavidJClarke phpVMS .php version, however is it possible to not lose my progress and convert to php?


It is possible but it will take some work.  I just did this myself and it took a bit of time.    I would recommend creating a test / dev site and doing all your changes there because you will run into errors along the way.  There are a lot of VA owners that have moved over so just about every error you'll get has been discussed here on the forums.

Good luck!

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I suggest you do a clean install on a dev site and import all tables manually. Once you're sure the new system works, replace all old folders and tables with the new one. You may loose some little data but this way is a lot faster.

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