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Connection [transit] flight


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is that possible to do the connection flight in virtual ?


For example the main hub is Dubai 

and pilot want to fly from Paris to Sydney through Dubai ?


for example when search for flight  from Paris to Sydney it will show for him 

1- EK1 from paris to Dubai

2- EK23 from dubai to Sydney 

i mean the result should be show the flight with connection flight to sydney 

is that possible or not if anyone have module or code please share with us 

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I'm not going to code it...but if anyone were to implement this efficiently you would use a Graph Data Structure with Dijkstra's algorithm to find the shortest path between two destinations (This is probably the same algorithm that big airlines use for booking system). I guess an easy way to cheat around is just to code a multi-leg schedule system. So to answer your first question, yes it is possible. This would be a pretty good Software Engineering challenge for someone in the community.

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