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As many people here knows phpvms7 is coming and we don't want to stay in past, so...

Who is Pro Sky Design?

Pro Sky Design is a company that will sell phpvms modules and templates for virtual airline, bringing interactives and innovators services to make the experience better of the virtual airlines. Let us the hard work!

When will Pro Sky Design start operations?

We will open our system as soon as phpvms 7 is released

What services will Pro Sky Design offer?

-Cloud Solutions

-Phpvms modules

-Phpvms templates

-Custom Sites

How Pro Sky Design will work?

We will set a website application with a Dashboard for our clients where they will be able to purchase our products, manage purchases, have support, share with others Pro Sky Design's customers, etc.

Our products will have private API keys to connect to Pro Sky Design sites to make a real experience in some modules (you will interact with our customers).

Pro Sky Design will be only for virtual airlines CEO?

Negative, developers will be able to purchase our templates and use to offer their services (this will have some limitations specified in license).

We are planning to work with others developers to sell their products in our e-commerce too, if you are insterested, send me a PM.

Pro Sky Design will only work for phpvms7?

The modules and some templates will only work with phpvms7, but others templates and custom sites services will work with phpvms5.5.x too.

Our Portfolio (PHPVMS):

https://www.aerofast.cl (Phpvms 5.5.x full site)

http://iagvirtual.com (Phpvms 5.5.x full site)

http://crew.staralliancevirtual.com/ (Phpvms 5.5.x crewcenter)

http://coljet.com.co (phpvms 5.5.x site + crewcenter)

**This portfolio will be update

DON'T FORGET TO VISIT OUR SITE: http://proskydesign.me !!

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