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  1. That's ok is not the final solution but he needs to get his site on... Now he should search the final solution... As I said is the "quick solution" :)!
  2. A quick solution should be: go to core/local.config.php and find the following in top of file: Config::Set('DEBUG_MODE', false); and change to true like this: Config::Set('DEBUG_MODE', true); seems as a php version debug error
  3. Compress the folder where you have your phpvms files, and export sql database. In your new hosting: upload and unzip the folder and import sql database (you can use phpmyadmin) Be sure that change URL, DB name, user and password on core/local.config.php and captcha keys on core/app.config.php
  4. He cloned the repository via ssh so the solution is add the ssh key. Other way to clone avoiding this error is ussing HTTPS method instead of SSH
  5. What version of phpvms do you have?
  6. Sure, please can you share the url of your website, in case you consider this a private information, please send me a PM. Late we can post the solution here :)!
  7. Agree too, but you will need some knowledgment of DevOps to control a VPS, but it will help you so much! Digital Ocean for example could be a cheaper option and nice to start :)!
  8. I get this error times ago, and is for the SSL certificate, Aaryan show how to include a SSL certificate to phpvms, admin panel use some ajax functions called from http instead of https.
  9. First: there isn't a stable release yet of phpvms7. If you want to know how to create modules to phpvms check the following links: http://docs.phpvms.net/developers https://www.php.net/docs.php https://laravel.com/docs/6.x
  10. where did yoy buy this module? the 2 deprecated errors is because you are calling a function staticlly (Example::example()) but in the Model (ExamsData.class.php) the functions aren't static... you should change the public function by public static function.
  11. Hi Kursat, If you want to start a virtual airline by yourself and you don't have knowledgements about programming I suggest you to read a little about. Here's something that will help you: https://www.php.net/manual/en/ and for phpvms: Have a nice day :)!
  12. With phpvms you only need to go to www.yoursite.com/phpvms/install route (Laravel has a router method to retrieve pretty urls) please be sure that the new database you have created is empty! If the error persist, please contact me from PM. you can run some artisan commands in shared hosting putting this in a file and pointing it to a route then visiting the route.
  13. is a little different, http://docs.phpvms.net/setup here's a guide for installation steps, if you have a question about, don't hesitate to send me a message and I will help you ;)!
  14. great correction, (I used to name that version for the php 5.4 compatibility lol)
  15. http://your_site_url/admin/index.php/settings and find the following field: phpVMS Version
  16. which version of phpvms do you have? Simpilot 5.5.x or phpvms 5.4 (nabeel)?
  17. solved clearing cache and config with artisan and reload apache service (Ubuntu 19.10) php artisan config:clear php artisan cache:clear sudo service apache2 reload
  18. I can't install this version, database connection doesn't works (I put the database user, but it execute the query with empty username) Attached pic. phpvms_beta.zip
  19. Now Google API is a payware service (you will have some request for free but not for all), I suggest use OSM.
  20. search in lib/skins/*skin_name*/core_htmlhead the line: <script type="text/javascript" src=http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?></script> and replace with this: <script src="//maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=*APIKEY*&callback=initialize"></script> change *APIKEY* with your API key and will work.
  21. you're welcome as ProAvia said, you will loose that feature, the best thing you can do is import de DB directly from phpmyadmin (or other mysql gestor) instead of use import function in admin panel, this will ignore that rule (because the duplicate check is created with a php if rule so in data table this rule doesn't exist). Other thing you can do is add to your csv a column (last column) called id and put the id of the schedule here with the format of autoincrement (starting by 1 and so...) in line 359 of admin/module/Import/Import.php you should add $id variable // list fields: $code = $fields[0]; $flightnum = $fields[1]; $depicao = $fields[2]; $arricao = $fields[3]; $route = $fields[4]; $aircraft = $fields[5]; $flightlevel = $fields[6]; $distance = $fields[7]; $deptime = $fields[8]; $arrtime = $fields[9]; $flighttime = $fields[10]; $notes = $fields[11]; $price = $fields[12]; $flighttype = $fields[13]; $daysofweek = $fields[14]; $enabled = $fields[15]; $week1 = $fields[16]; $week2 = $fields[17]; $week3 = $fields[18]; $week4 = $fields[19]; $id = $fields[20]; in line 437 of admin/module/Import/Import.php in $data array replace the following (adding 'id' value to the data): $data = array( 'code' => $code, 'flightnum' => $flightnum, 'depicao' => $depicao, 'arricao' => $arricao, 'route' => $route, 'aircraft' => $ac, 'flightlevel' => $flightlevel, 'distance' => $distance, 'deptime' => $deptime, 'arrtime' => $arrtime, 'flighttime' => $flighttime, 'daysofweek' => $daysofweek, 'notes' => $notes, 'enabled' => $enabled, 'price' => $price, 'flighttype' => $flighttype, 'week1' => $week1, 'week2' => $week2, 'week3' => $week3, 'week4' => $week4, 'id' => $id );
  22. Open admin/modules/Import/Import.php and go to line 446 Replace this: # Check if the schedule exists: if (($schedinfo = SchedulesData::getScheduleByFlight($code, $flightnum))) { # Update the schedule instead $val = SchedulesData::updateScheduleFields($schedinfo->id, $data); $updated++; } else { # Add it $val = SchedulesData::addSchedule($data); $added++; } with this: # Ignore duplicate schedules: $val = SchedulesData::addSchedule($data); $added++; this will allow you import schedules with duplicate flight code but I guess you should delete first all your schedules and then import news because this won't update the duplicate flights this will append data.
  23. I develop a module to calificate your pilots flights with penalties recorded by the flight log, compatible with smartCARS, you can modify the value of penalty on admin panel and it will modify automatically the pirep rating. Aditional features: - Pirep Rating - Pilot Average Rating - Pirep List Of Penalties - Admin Panel Settings - Admin Panel Pirep Pending Flight Rating Details Check Attached Pics. You Can Send me a PM to talk more about. Pay method: Paypal Price: 30 USD This will include life-time updates! Don't forget to visit our site: https://www.proskydesign.me CAUTION!!: PICTURES ARE ONLY AN EXAMPLE OF A INTEGRATION IN A WEBSITE, THE MODULE DOESN'T INCLUDE SKINNING TEMPLATE.
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