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  1. do you have the same problem? I can help you, the no route passed error have different causes so I need to check it in private
  2. you should wait until phpvms7 release. I will notify you on ready
  3. Phpvms v7 isn't released yet, but please visit https://proskydesign.com/ here you'll find what you are looking for
  4. Hi, I sent you a PM, you can also visit this forum topic:
  5. PM Sent, I don't know why you are getting these experience with SmartCARS, could it be a wrong connection with your site, maybe your hosting provider.
  6. Do you have composer installed? open your console and write cd C:/xampp/htdocs/sdi then run composer install This command will install all package dependencies that phpvms need to run, if still doesn't work, run composer dump-autoload PS: You can download composer here https://getcomposer.org/download/
  7. I’m working in point system, please we can talk about it
  8. As many people here knows phpvms7 is coming and we don't want to stay in past, so... Who is Pro Sky Design? Pro Sky Design is a company that will sell phpvms modules and templates for virtual airline, bringing interactives and innovators services to make the experience better of the virtual airlines. Let us the hard work! When will Pro Sky Design start operations? We will open our system as soon as phpvms 7 is released What services will Pro Sky Design offer? -Cloud Solutions -Phpvms modules -Phpvms templates -Custom Sites How Pro Sky Design wi
  9. Do you have skills making custom templates?? (CSS5, HTML5, JS, A little bit of jquery or vue.js, Mockup with Photoshop) If that is your case, please contact me. I have you an offer.
  10. Hi, A solution for this is make a schedule for each fly do you want to add, you should select what days you want to appear this fly on week. If you want to display a different aircraft for the same flight in days that the flight on previous schedule isn’t fly, you should add a new flight into your schedule with the aircraft and configure the days. about the flight types instead of registration, is not possible in Phpvms 5.5.x because you will need to develop a custom acars. but don’t worry in v7 you will have subfleets for this
  11. Can you share me more details to my inbox please?
  12. that is problem with jquery (conflict). Can you check in your browser console?
  13. some people doesn't know anything about programming or how to use a cpanel, host, etc. Sometimes is more usefull explain via skype, for example in stead of text ;).
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