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18 hours ago, ProAvia said:

What version of phpVMS are you using?

What browser are you using to view the main admin page?

PHPvms V5.5.2 and all browsers, IE, Chrome, Firefox and IOS on Ipad.  The graph shows some of the time but no data is showing.

Curious where does the number of Guests data come from?




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I believe the chart is from .../core/common/GoogleChart.class.php and/or .../core/lib/gChart/gChart.php. Not sure if it requires Flash to be installed or not. There must be data (PIREPS) available in the last 30 days. If "Loading" and just keeps spinning, maybe Flash needs to be installed/enabled for that browser????

Number of Guests is from .../admin/templates/dashboard.php - line 7. This is the number of connections that are not logged in (at the particular moment you load the admin page). The function is in StatsData.class.php around line 328.

EDIT: IE11 displays the chart. Chrome and iOS did not - at least on my devices. I then added "Plugins" to Chrome and enabled Flash for my site. Chart now shows in Chrome on PC. Google - enable flash player chrome - for details.

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