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Register form in Version simpilot 5.5.2

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Hi Community

I am looking for a way to arrange the register fields mixed with standard and custom fields. Here my current form:

Link to Registerform

Now I would like to do it like this:


  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Birthday (Customfield)
  • Address (Customfield)
  • City (Customfield)
  • Location
  • Email


  • Email
  • Passowrd
  • Confirm Password


  • IVAO (Customfield)
  • VATSIM (Customfield)


  • rest of Customfields



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Easiest way to do this is delete the custom fields block of code on the page, then call each row from the SQL table individually. But you'll also need to check the registration module and registration data class files to add the code that allows the entries to be added directly into the SQL table.

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