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My obvious question first and foremost would be, How much experience to you have in any Database "MySqL" structures and how they operate with tables? As this is seriously an advanced feature, but it can be done if you know what your doing. Also, if your running a Server with limited features such as the semi-free one's out there, then don't bother, sorry but it won't work.

Databases on a Paid Server however, do allow the import of tables via/ *.csv files. This also is complicated but it also allows specific tables to be imported instead of importing an entire SQL database.

On your phpmyadmin, there should be a help section in there, you may want to check that out first, and of course export your database first before attempting it. If you make a mistake you can always import it back in. 

Hope this helps, Jim

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Thank-you for your reply. I have very little experience with MySql. So I will not attempt this. I was hoping that PHPVMS would connect to the database directly, but don't sound like this is possible either. I will leave this alone. I have been using FSPassenger for many years. Now I switched to X-Plane 11, So now I input the data manually into the database.

Yes this helps. Thanks again.

I pay a lot of money for my server with Apache. Unlimited databases and files.


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