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[Solved] Help with errors non-static method, can't not modify header information


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This is probably not a kACARS_Free issue. The issue is with your SchedulesData.class.php

Search the forums for the phrase "non static method". This has been covered many times before. And if you have this error here, most probably you will eventually have it in other places as well.

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It was just the only line one that had not changed more than a year ago with "static". 😅

SchedulesData.class.php L739 public static function getLatestBid($pilotid).


I can't reproduce the error again nor before applying the fix, It only appeared once. Seems that the "you may be able to continue" was serious and has not reappeared.

Will the "cannot modify header information" be fixed after the change?

I found the file, in L394 say: "header('Content-type: text/xml');"

public function sendXML($params)
		$xml = new SimpleXMLElement("<sitedata />");
		$info_xml = $xml->addChild('info');
		foreach($params as $name => $value)
			$info_xml->addChild($name, $value);
		header('Content-type: text/xml'); 		
		$xml_string = $xml->asXML();
		echo $xml_string;
		# For debug
		#$this->log("Sending: \n".print_r($xml_string, true), 'kacars');


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Did changing SchedulesData.class.php fix the issue? Or are you still seeing the "header" issues?

Sometimes it could be a transient issue. Clicking on "Continue" usually will allow the application to continue - and you may not see the issue again.

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