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Velocity Virtual 2019 Recruitment Drive

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I'd like to announce the Velocity Virtual is now officially open to the public. We operate both Virgin Australia and codeshare schedules all up-to-date.


We allow you to fly most aircraft with plans to add some non-codeshare operators in the near future.


Available Features

  • Custom Crew Center
  • Dedicated Staff Team
  • Dedicated Hosting & Flight Tracking Software
  • Realistic Procedures and Policy's
  • Up-to-date Schedules.

These are some of the many features and unique things we have to offer, we are a new VA so bare with us but we are always welcoming new members to the team.


You can find us here;

Registration Page http://crew.velocityvirtual.net/index.php/registration

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You may want to rethink this relaunch. Half the public facing website is broken and you still have filler text "lorem ipsum delor" like come on... Watching VA's come and go for almost 10 years I will tell you now you are wasting your money. Take it down, spend some actual time building out a professional website and VA. and then give us a real show.

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No offense, but what front page ? You enter into the Realm of a Registration page, people want to see your VA and some bells and whistles. Stats, some maps, New Pilots, recent PIREPS. I have to agree with StartVM on this one, normally I wouldn't say anything, and let it all fly as usual.But I've seen to many come and go over the years. I would take it down, and Seriously think about a different Skin besides the CrewCenter Skin, everyones grandma is using that one. No Offense please, just want to see you get the right Start, you have a Great Name.

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