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VA System by vCrewSys

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Hello guys,

I am proud to represent the VA System by vCrew Sys.


  • What it does?
    It helps you to host a VA in no time with a highly customised skin! 
  • What is the base of this System?
    Ofcourse, phpVMS.
  • How will the VA be hosted on my personal host?
    Oops! It's not hosted on your personal host but on the host of vCrewSys. 
    But don't worry, you will get a private subdomain of yours! What does that mean?

    You just need to redirect your homepage to our link!
    Also you have an option to opt for subdomain of your choice from Hosting Dashboard.
  • What are the features available to me?
    Well the features depend on which plan you choose. Just visit our website and see all the available plans.
    Note that plans price is in INR (Indian Rupee)

List of Modules in the System:

  • Advanced UI for all basic Modules
  • Fascinating Dashboard
  • Points System (Based on Flight Log)
  • Pay System (Based on Flight Log)
  • Events Center
  • Tours Center
  • Advanced PIREP Details ( Including TakeOff / Landing / Block IN / Block OUT Time )
  • Flight Tracker
  • Weather Finder

Note: We can add extra modules as well based on your requests and the pricing will be decided accordingly!

I hope you guys like it! 


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This topic has been locked and links removed. 

Just like last time, you're breaking the license of the skin's author, you're re-selling modules from Crazy Creatives that you've tried to hide by renaming the header links, and you STILL have stolen my highcharts Pirep Alt/Speed graph chart (even after I called you out last time about it).

If permission to use someone elses work has been approved, include that approval in your work or check with show proof of this to admins before posting.

You cannot include paid modules into something you're selling.  Like these examples:






This is the last warning before I ban your account.


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