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What does your Airline do with Finances?


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A lot of work has been put into the financial part of PHPVMS 7.

This tells me that there are several airlines that must be using such systems.

Id like to get some ideas as to how people use this information, for example, pilots earn pay, has anyone come up with some way to let pilots use their salary?

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For pilots to use their salaries/earnings there are two public ways currently, provided by Disposable Basic "Jumpseat Travel" and "Aircraft Transfer" and some penalties applied by Disposable Special.


It is possible to develop many more things to spend that virtual money, like type ratings payments done by pilots, free flights tied to some payment by pilot, maybe a virtual shop for them to buy items etc.


All these ideas needs to be developed by the operator or some freelancer for the operator only or a third party developer/company as modules. As far as I know core v7 will not provide this kind of features as it is focused on providing a stable backend which you can build things on and use.

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