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Help with importing aircraft and schedules

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Hi guys. I can confirm that using Kingsoft Office worked for importing to database where excel did not. However, now that I have my fleet (phpvms_aircraft) imported to the database (926 lines), none of those aircraft show up in the admin panel Aircraft List. Is there a time delay (i wouldn't think so but just wondering)? The same happens after i import 4765 lines of schedules (phpvms_schedules).. they do not show in admin, or on the public site


Running phpVMS 5.5.2 using PHP 5.5

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I moved this to a new topic as it's a bit different from the one you originally posted in.

I am guessing you imported thru the admin panel. Did you look directly in the database using phpMyAdmin? Chances are the import was not successful and you won't see the imported aircraft and schedules in the database. 

Do you already have an airline and airports in the database and do those show in the admin panel? Were these entered manually or imported?

As soon as the import is successfully completed the data is available. There is no time delay.

Are the files in CSV format? Are all the column headers correct? While Kingsoft Office may have saved the files, maybe the exact format needed isn't correct.

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Hey ProAvia, 
I woke up this morning an had a go at it again. This install phpvms install came as a part of my hosting from TFDI. For some reason, they installed phpvms twice. Turns out I have 2 databases. Yesterday, I was importing the files to the first database, when i looked this morning (im sure it was there yesterday too), i noticed I had another mirrored database. When I imported to the "new" database, the lines showed on the admin side. Also after installing, using and resaving my CSV file in Kingsoft Office, i was able to import directly through the admin center. 

Sometimes some sleep helps!

One more question about databases. Before I imported the 4000+ lines of schedules, I had "show all" selected. Needless to say, now when I go to look at the schedules in the database, it times out. Is there a way to unselect "check all" without actually getting into the schedules database? As it stands right now, i cannot get back in there. 

Thanks for your help

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Well, that would explain it.... I usually install 2 copies also - a live site and a development one. This way I have a working site and one I can play around with. I am not familiar with Kingsoft Office, but I do always have issues with Excel 2003 and saving in csv format - so I use OpenOffice instead for saving in csv format. Others using newer Excel versions don't seem to have any issues.

Can you outline exactly where this "show all" or "check all" is? Do you mean in the database? And why can't you get back in "there"? You may possibly need to set your max_execution_time to a higher number in your php.ini

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