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Header.php doesn't exist [SOLVED]


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Gday gentlemen, I have a small issue with applying skins.

First some essential information: php 7.2, phpvms

The problem is every time I upload a new skin, it generates an error very similar to this:

Notice: The template file "/home/singap08/public_html/operations//lib/skins/OceanBluev3/header.php" doesn't exist in /home/singap08/public_html/operations/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 231

Initially I thought this was just the theme being outdated or generally problematic (as evidenced by the number of posts on the release thread asking for help).

Today I tried OceanBlue which is close enough to what I'm looking for and also the thread was pretty clean.

However it still threw the same error as pasted above. When I looked in that php file and line 231 it was just the following which doesn't make sense to me whatsoever.

Haven't TPL files been phased out since forever, why is the theme still trying to look for one?


At the end of the day what I'm just trying to do is apply a basic, presentable and modern theme - no advanced or custom features required.

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Thanks for the link, I've now rtfm-ed and reinstalled it correctly, including all 3 additional modules.

Edit: with AirMail installed it showed a huge wall-of-text fatal error. I have removed all AirMail files.

Now the site loads but it's all still pretty screwed up.


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2 hours ago, nicky9499 said:

I tried to PM @flyalaska (Eddie?) but the forum reported the account is unable to receive PM at this time.

To reduce the back-and-forth, could we perhaps correspond via my "serious" email? [nic@ccrx.us]

Thank you in advance for offering to help, I deeply appreciate it.

Had to be a glitch. Its says your box is full.

Click the Contact Us link under support.


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I have a follow up questions for the experts here.

Following a clean install and attempt to install OceanBlue with Eddie's help, he has advised that I need a particular version of phpvms in order to run his theme.

I am now past the point where I can easily do another clean install with some pilots already filing flights under an early release/testing phase. On the other hand, because my server also runs other sites that require php7.2 (IPB for example), downgrading the php version is out of the question.

Putting aside the continuous frustration that is the seemingly endless varieties of phpvms and no apparent official release version, can someone advise how one would jump from a "5.6-friendly" 5.5.2 to a "7.2-friendly" 5.5.2 without losing any data please?


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Save the 5.5.2 database and after you get tweaked to your liking, link it to the 5.5.2 database.The databases in default 5.5.2 and are exactly the same except for some default date/time formats in a few tables which shouldn't affect the end result (and were done to make the install MySQL 5.7 compatible). If you are using MySQL 5.6 you won't see any difference.

Or run the subdomain/phpVMS 5.5.2 folder under PHP 5.6 - and the rest of your hosting account on 7.2

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OK this is going to sound a bit stupid, but it turns out I have been running the "7.2-friendly" version all along.

The reason why I got confused (other than that there's so many "releases") is the bottom right of my Admin panel stated " simpilot", so when Eddie give me a link and said I needed to use one from ProAviaAZ's github (which is yours), I thought it was another release altogether. I compared the files, they were identical, uploaded them to another subdomain, set it up and sure enough the bottom right reads simpilot as well.

So we're back to square one where OceanBlue does not install properly on a 7.2 compatible phpvms install. Have uploaded lib, core, additional modules, imported the airmail SQL. What else am I missing??

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